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Need for Steed (Unlocks Stables)

The Horse and Stables expansion to FreePlay in addition to adding horses - and the Stables - also adds some new hobbies and hobby activities tot he game for Teenage and Adult Sims. Very cool that is says Yoda.

Added to the game in May 2014, the expansion is first available to players when they reach Level 11 -- in theory anyway -- but the player must update their game by accessing the App Store, then the Updates Menu, finally tapping the Update for Sims: FreePlay. The update is 537MB in size.

Once the game has been patched with the new expansion content access this the new content is obtained via this unlocking Quest...

As with most of the hobby and structure special flag quests, there is a special prize attached to the timer for this quest -- specifically if the player completes the quest before the expiration of the 7 day timer that is attached to the quest, they will unlock a Rainbow Unicorn Painting -- it seems clear this one was added with girl gamers in mind...

Completing this quest (whether within the timer or after) unlocks the Stables on Mystery Island, and the Horses that are part of the Stables. The following Quest Line is required and is the path for unlocking the Stables and Horses:

  1. Go for a Drive (3m)
  2. Spot Horses with a Telescope (10h)
  3. Go to Mystery Island (Instant)
  4. Spot the Stables (Instant /Tap it)
  5. Call the Mysterious Phone Number* (30m)
  6. Read the Horse Care Manual (9h)
  7. Call the Mysterious Number Again* (4m)
  8. Look up a Locksmith on Your Computer* (2h)
  9. Build the Stables (Time / Price Varies)
  10. Send a Sim to the Stables (Instant)
  11. Clean Up the Mess in the Front Yard (1h 30m)
  12. Have 4 Sims at the Stables (Instant)
  13. Clean up the Mess in Yard with your Sims (Teen / Adult / Senior - Time Varies)
  14. Watch the Horse Channel* (3h)
  15. Practice Brushing Another Sim (15m)
  16. Encourage a Sim (Adults -- 30m)
  17. Repair Stable (Adults -- Cost = $30K -- 8h)
  18. Call the Stables Owner (5h)
  19. Add a Horse to Stable (10 SP -or- $15K)
  20. Feed the New Horse (30m)

This completes the Mission and fully unlocks the Stables and Horses in your game! Well done you!

There are a number of Mission related to the Stables that may or may not spawn next - it depends on what the point weight is on the outstanding quests in your queue -- a higher point value in weight might cause a different quest line to go next - you never can tell...

There special Mission called The Hidden Unicorn -- which unlocks the Show Jumping Hobby -- may (or may not) flag next...

We have grouped the Quests together here but that is no indication that they will actually appear back-to-back -- just saying that YMMV.
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Horses for the Stables
The following Horses are or will be available upon the completion of this Mission - and the completion of any special requirements for the specific horse. Below is the list, at the time of the completion of this mission, along with cost and special requirements:

  • Dappled Grey ($15,000) 1-Star Horse
  • Patched Brown (10 SP) 1-Star horse
  • Spotted Grey ($30,000) 2-Star Horse (Complete the Ticks Hobby to unlock)
  • Brown (20 LP) 2-Star Horse (Complete the Tricks Hobby to unlock)
  • Light Bay ($50,000) 3-Star Horse (Complete the Vaulting Hobby to unlock)
  • Black (50 LP) 3-Star Horse (Complete the Vaulting Hobby to unlock)
  • Unicorn (100 LP) 3-Star Horse (Complete the Show Jumping Hobby to unlock)

Note that once you have added the first horse - and have had one of your Sims feed it - that will complete the Need for Steed Mission, and will then unlock the next special mission in the game. If you actually look at the Stables Yard you will see that there are two gates - for the two hobbies - that can be triggered to begin their respective missions.

Hobbies and Time Warning
Something that you should also note is the completion of the Need for Steed Mission opens the door for the Life Dreams & Legacies Mission - and that is the one that adds the finite life span timers to your Sims. That being the case you should make significant efforts to master ALL of the hobbies BEFORE you do that quest, since prior to it there are no timers running on your Sims.

Once the timers start running, you are going to want to be careful how you use the time for each Sim, so having the various hobbies that you can have mastered complete is a very good idea.

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* Time depends on the quality of the object.


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