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Karate (Preteens)

While Karate has no hobby collection, each level unlocks decorations for your Sims room that they are sure to value!


The martial art of choice for Preteens in the world of Sims, Karate also happens to be one of the available hobbies at your friendly neighborhood Community Center. And well it should be since you have to give the Preteen Sims something to do, otherwise they will start hacking, or form a street gang and build a hot rod at school, join a gang and dance on the bleachers while singing songs about Australian girls they met at the beach last summer... Hey, it could happen!

As you embark upon this new hobby for your Preteen you should be aware that it is slightly different than most of the other hobbies - in fact it shares that difference with Ballet - being as there is no collection for this hobby but rather each new level (or Belt Colour) your Preteen Sim unlocks has the effect of unlocking additional decoration items that can be purchased from the in-game store and used to decorate their rooms.

At the Community Center your Pre-Teen Sim can select from the following actions:

  • Sparring Dummy - One Punch: 4m / 15 XP
  • Sparring Dummy - Quick Duel: 1h / 150 XP
  • Sparring Dummy - Karate Practice: 9h / 450 XP
  • Sparring Dummy - Lengthy Battle: 1d / 900 XP
  • Wooden Karate Board - Karate Chop!: 1m 30s / 9 XP
  • Wooden Karate Board - Extended Session: 20m / 69 XP

As they practice they will unlock the following six levels:

1.Yellow Belt
2.Red Belt
3.Blue belt
4.Purple Belt
5.Brown Belt
6.Black Belt

As your Pre-Teen Sim gains levels in this hobby they will unlock special items that can be purchased to use at home and decorate their home/bedroom with.

While the hobby is basically all about levels, hey, your Sim can say with satisfaction that they are a Whatever belt in Karate!

One of the decorations is their Karate Diploma, and how cool is that?

Collecting the Karate Rewards
I am not really certain that it is right to call them rewards as such, but as you level up your Preteen Sim in the graceful but deadly arts of Karate, they will unlock various items that can be used to decorate their bedroom and otherwise serve as evidence of their progress.

For the record this list of rewards includes:

  • Preteen Tab: Karate Kick Figure Lamp ($200)
  • Preteen Tab: Female Yin-Yang Poster ($550)
  • Preteen Tab: Male Yin-Yang Poster (1 LP)
  • Preteen Tab: Karate Practice Dummy (10 LP)
  • Preteen Tab: Karate Award Certificate ($100)
  • Preteen Tab: Karate Figurine ($100)
  • House Menu > Doors Tab: Blue Pirate Door ($175)
  • House Menu > Doors Tab: Brown Rising Sun Door ($175)
  • House Menu > Doors Tab: Brown Map / No Girls Door ($175)

So there you have it, that nicely wraps up Karate.

Mastering Karate unlocks a very cool Karate Figure to add to your Preteen's Room

The changes to the game including the introduction of finite life spans does not impact this hobby as much as others thanks to it taking place during the preteen life span. Since your Preteen will be focused largely upon school, Karate makes a nice alternate activity for them to master while doing so.

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Can girl preteen sims do karate

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