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Horse Tricks (Teens / Adults)

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Just the Facts, Ma'am!
The Horse Tricks Hobby has the following Limitations:

Hobby Unlock Required: Horse Tricks
Horse Unlock Required: 1-Star
Max Number of Sims: 2
Sim Required: Adult Sim

To be clear, only two (2) Sims can work the Horse Tricks Hobby in the Horse Tricks Ring at any time. While you can have more than two Sims who have and are leveling the hobby Horse Tricks, there really is very little point to it since only two (2) can work that hobby at the same time.

While the game appeared to suggest that the Horse Tricks Hobby was open to both Teenagers and Adult Sims, we have only been able to have Adult Sims work the hobby! Teenagers can Ride the Horses, but they can not participate in the actual Hobby as far as we can work out.

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To gain access to the Horse Tricks Hobby you first need to complete the Need for Steed Mission, and then repair the Stables fully, which permits you to rehabilitate the individual stable horse stalls as well as restore the various corals in the stable yards.

Bearing in mind that the corals are necessary for the practice of all of the new and related horse-centric hobbies, repairing them should be a priority. You should also remember that during the repairing portion of the rehabilitation of the corals you cannot repair any other area of the facilities - including the stalls - since you can only have a single repair action active at any one time.

Horse Tricks Hobby Collection
As with the other hobby-based collections, these include collections that contain four horizontal ranks with a total of 12 unique collection objects, spread over six Levels.

Each of the horizontal arrays of collectibles offers the player a set reward (that may change after the first complete collection)...

For example the first time that you complete the full collection for the Horse Tricks Hobby, you will receive the stated XP for each horizontal rank, and you will unlock the 2-Star Horses for purchase (those being required in order to continue the quests and missions for the stables.

The Tricks Hobby Collection Set
The following sets of collectibles are present for the Horse Tricks Hobby, first presented by Levels, then by the obvious four ranks in that order.

(1) By Level

  1. Level 1-1: Take a Bow
  2. Level 1-2: Here Boy
  3. Level 2-1: Nod Your Head
  4. Level 2-2: Kisses and Hugs
  5. Level 3-1: Stay Put
  6. Level 3-2: Meet and Greet
  7. Level 4-1: Rearing On Up
  8. Level 4-2: Spinning Pony
  9. Level 5-1: Back It Up
  10. Level 5-2: Look Away
  11. Level 6-1: Say Hi
  12. Level 6-2: Shake Your Head

(2) By Rank

  • Rank 1: Take a Bow / Here Boy / Nod Your Head (Reward = 750 XP)
  • Rank 2: Kisses and Hugs / Stay Put / Meet and Greet (Reward = 1,000 XP)
  • Rank 3:Rearing On Up / Spinning Pony / Back It Up (Reward = 1,500 XP)
  • Rank 4: Look Away / Say Hi / Shake Your Head (Reward = 2,000 XP)

Completing all four of the above Ranks rewards the player with unlocking the 2-Star Horses for purchase via the Stable Horse Stalls, with the understanding that a free and restored stall is required to purchase a new horse.

After the player completed the first full collection there are several anticipated results - first, the next hobby in the line is accessible, and the final reward changes to LP.

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10 comments, latest first.
Is there a cheat for getting rare collectables more easily? I need to complete the survivalist hobby in 4 days and I can't do it. Please help!

Added 20th Aug 2015, ID #600346

I can't buy a 2 star horse. why?

Added 10th Jul 2015, ID #582376

My sim is an adult and there hobbie is horse tricks recently it will not let that sim do any tricks and shows two blue footprints can you help

Added 10th Jun 2015, ID #568354

You get there by completing the hobbies - each hobby for the horses leads to the next hobby until you get to the last one, and that leads to unlocking the Unicorn. So just complete the hobby collections over and over to cap off that level skill and unlock the next one.

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499560

How do you get to the point of unlocking the level 2 horses? I keep training my horses and I haven't unlocked them yet and when I looked at the list I have all the training.

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487975

The horses have free will so you cannot really get them into the stalls. They go there when they want to.

Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458002

Im in the same shoes😌 how to you take their tack off? Ie, saddle and reins

Added 7th Jul 2015, ID #581147

How do you get your horse into the stall?

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457865

You can also have a Sim do the horse hobby at a neighbors. Your Similar can even work on the next level (vaulting, jumping) at a neighbors even if you've not unlocked it in your town!

Added 26th Jun 2014, ID #407041

It doesnot work

Added 18th Sep 2015, ID #609424

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