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Free Items and Objects

It is fair to say that everything in the game costs the player something to acquire -- whether that cost is measured in Simoleons, Life Points, Social Points, or time itself -- with the exception of a very small handful of items in the game that are FREE, if it is something you are adding to your Sim Town, it costs you something.

The truly free items in the game tend to fit neatly into one of three categories:

(1) Promotional Items: Items that have been placed in the game as part of a paid promotional effort on the part of a real-world corporation. Toyota has been heavily involved in that sort of product or brand placement in the Sims games, as has Ikea and Pet-related brand Iams.

While these items are free - that is to say that they do not cost the player any of the in-game currencies to obtain -- they do feature the brand of the sponsor quite prominently and, depending on how strongly you feel as an individual, therefore come at a cost.

(2) Items related to Special or Themed Events: These generally tend to be specifically targeted along a theme basis, though there often are neutral objects that appear in the decorations Tab and that, whether on purpose or by accident, end up left in the game and item catalog long after the event ends.

Most players consider these to be good things.
While the selection isn't huge, there are free items in the game for decorating.
(3) Loyalty Rewards: A sort of randomly selected collection of items - often decoration-centric - that are added to the game by the developers as a way of thanking the player for their continued and active participation as players.

Enduring Free Items
As previously noted, sometimes a free item or two will stay in the game and in the in-game store catalog long after the event or promotion that they are related to has ended. Nobody can really say why this happens - whether it is an accident or on purpose. Nobody except the Dev Team, and they are not talking!

The meaning of the proverb “Don't look a gift horse in the mouth” is simple: when you receive a gift from someone, do not be ungrateful.

That's good advice - especially in the case of The Sims FreePlay! Compared to most other Freemium games available for Android and iOS on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, via the related app distribution services, FreePlay is incredibly expensive!

To put this in perspective, here is the current (as of August 2013) Sims FreePlay Online Store offerings and their prices for in-game currencies:

  • $1,960,000 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $99.99
  • $196,000 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $19.99
  • $60,000 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $14.99
  • $35,500 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $9.99
  • $24,500 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $7.99
  • $11,000 Simoleon Bundle - Real-Word Cost: $4.99
  • 3500 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $99.99
  • 1500 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $49.99
  • 500 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $19.99
  • 160 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $14.99
  • 89 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $9.99
  • 32 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $5.99
  • 10 Life Points Bundle - Real-World Cost: $2.99
  • 2000 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $99.99
  • 720 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $49.99
  • 320 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $24.99
  • 240 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $19.99
  • 110 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $5.99
  • 52 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $4.99
  • 10 Social Points Bundle - Real World Cost: $0.99

In addition to the above regular bundles, there is a special bundle under the SPECIALS Tab:

  • $14.99 Currency Bundle: $35,500 Simoleon Piggy Bank ($9.99) + 89 Life Point Box ($9.99)

Clearly the costs for playing the game using real-world money can be considerable if you allow yourself to take that route. That is why this guide is so valuable to players, as its focus is providing both the information and tactics that are useful for making real progress without having to spend real-world money!

Now that we have that issue addressed, let's take a look at the two basic Free Items Categories - Regular Free Items, and Temporary Free Items.

The Temporary Free Items List
These are items that pop-up in the game with little or no warning, and are only available for a limited time. It may interest you to know that these can come and go with no official notice on the official game website too!

  • Furniture > Electronics: Deluxe iPhone / iPod Stereo Dock w/Speakers (3-Star / FREE)

The Regular Free Items List
The following list of free items was valid as of August 2013 (when this revision to the guide was written), and are listed here with the Menu Navigation followed by the Tab, then the item name.

Bear in mind that these items largely consist of items in the Promotional and Themed Event Categories. There are also items from the third though unofficial Category, which we term the Player Loyalty Category:

  • Furniture > Decorations Tab: Toyota Guitar Amp
  • Furniture > Decorations Tab: Toyota Brand Surfboard
  • Furniture > Decorations Tab: Blue Wheelie Suitcase
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Decorations Tab: Garden Fountain
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Furniture Tab: Blue and White Director Chair
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Furniture Tab: Pink and White Beach Chair
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Furniture Tab: Blue and White Beach Chair
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Furniture Tab: Toyota Branded BBQ
  • Outdoors > Trees, Plants & Flowers Tab: Red Roses in Vase
  • Hobby Shop: Toyota Guitar

Temporary Free Items

The following free items are temporarily in the game - if you get them, well then good on you! If they are gone when you go looking for them, well then you should have looked earlier!

  • House > Bathroom: Febreeze Raised Toilet (2-Star / FREE)
  • House > Kitchen: Febreeze-branded double-cooler drink case (1-Star / FREE)
  • House > Living Room: Febreeze Beanbag Seat (1-Star / FREE)
  • House > Preteen: Febreeze Beanbag Seat (1-Star / FREE)

As free items are added to the game, we will make every effort to add them to the list, since knowing that they are there and available is the easiest way to take advantage of them!

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44 comments, latest first.
Hey guys? I can't pass lvl. 10 though, can anyone help me?

Added 7th Nov 2015, ID #623167

Hey I need a febreeze toilet... I know its my fault I didn't look earlier but still I need one .. Help me please!

Added 1st Nov 2015, ID #621517

where to download the free content to pass lvl10? i'm stuck. pls help...

Added 20th Sep 2015, ID #610136

I just got a new house+sim and I can't get any furniture or a bed or anything cause it's not unlocked! What level do you unlock furniture?

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603920

Me either i want lp LOL

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #605804

I'm currently on 99% level 10 and couldn't pass to lvl11 bcs it's keep asking me to download free content,which is i'd done for several times already and nothings change. Anyone can help me?

Added 17th Aug 2015, ID #599348

We have the same problem.

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603726

Have you solved it?
Please let me know

Added 13th Oct 2015, ID #616219

Everythinkg on sims freeplay should be for free it gets boring when u need to pay and also how long it takes i will delete the game if this doen't change!

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #597817

What would be the pint if everything is free? Although I do agree they should lower the prices on something's it's just so expensive!!!

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605571

I tried to buy 765,000 simoleans for $4.99 after my dad put the pass word in he kept getting asked questions like what was your first pet etc. I wasn't able to buy the simoleans because they weren't excepting his answers to the questions.

Added 10th May 2015, ID #554513

I don't know how to update my sims.

Added 6th Apr 2015, ID #538635

I just got sims back a few days ago but the last time I had it ( don't know if it's still there ) it helped a lot with getting lp but all you have to do is complete the cooking quest and then keep on cooking and leveling up and then you will get the chopping boards but do not give up on cooking just yet once you have the cooking boards it will give you a choice to reset the utensils and keep cooking get all of the sets and then your reward will be 5 lp how exciting right!! Hope this helped

Added 19th Mar 2015, ID #530347

[color=red]I'm trying to save up my money fora three story unfurnished house, but I wanted to know if I can get social points for free? Plz help[b][/b] [/color]

Added 7th Mar 2015, ID #525646

You can get free rewards if you go to tasks and then free in the top left corner. Each 20 second video you watch you get 260 simoleons or 1 LP or 1 social. The reward is unique to the video so it changes each time.

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593074

You get chopping boards when you complete the cooking hobby.

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501557

I was not able to find it in the home store as well - I know that there is one in the restaurant, I will look into this further and follow up if when I find one.

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499561

ciao non riesco a connettermi nello store come mai?

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498639

Hi there.. Need help if possible: im ready to level up inthe cooking hobby but in order to be able to cook the mext item it says i need a chopping board but cannot find it in the homestore anywhere. Am i looking in the wrong place?
Thanks in advance

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487972

okay here is the thing just keep leveling up in cooking until you get to level 4 or 5 of cooking it will give you other options like this
the ones with the star you can make With a level 1 toaster level 2 fridge (for quiche) or level 1 microwave or if you are level 1-5 of cooking ( there are other dishes for them im just using these for this example)

Spaghetti - cooking board level 1
Nachos- cooking board level 1

Hope this helped!!!☺️

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #604949

The Globe is found in the in-game store: STORE > FURNITURE > DECORATIONS and it costs $10K. Note it is rather large so you need a free area in your house for it so it will not block access to doors and such...

Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #485383

I Just Want A Globe So I Can Get A Toddler!!!

Added 12th Dec 2014, ID #483707

Just play through the quests.

Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #475974

I need help I got the turkey thing to buy a banner but it is not showing up

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475944

Generally the free gifts that you can place in your home are found in your personal inventory - the free items that are used for actions are simply part of the player record and are available when you use the associated action in the game.

Added 3rd Nov 2014, ID #466742

Are there any free cars?

Added 16th Oct 2014, ID #459161


Added 14th Jul 2015, ID #584367

The swimming pool is found in the build menu but you have to have reached the level required to unlock it.

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #443106

I got the swimming pool but not the level one so what do I do will it come up again

Added 16th May 2015, ID #556651

I have a quest to expand or add a swimming pool. but cant seem to find one to buy

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #434422

My tip is make a sim fall in love with another sim you don't have to have them married to make them have a child the kid will usually take the moms last name.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431509

can you get resources in a neighbors town for mystery island??

Added 29th Jul 2014, ID #427271

How do you get weights in the game, because my friend has weights in her game but I don't know how to get the weights. Some one plzzzzz help![size=14[color=violet][/color] ][/size]

Added 5th Jun 2014, ID #394552

What age do you have to be to us a surfboard?????? Crazy. That's what I wanna know.[video][url][color=red][color=red][spoiler][spoiler][/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/color] [/color] [/url] [/video]

Added 21st May 2014, ID #386534

Where do I find a mgfreeplayer? Teen sim must play a record on it

Added 30th Mar 2014, ID #369802

this is a tip for any one who needs simelons,buy lots of FREE items of the same kind and then later when the item is no longer free and are for sale you can sell them and get money for the item /items.

Added 17th Feb 2014, ID #356120

i restarted my game at level six so im at level fine now, and i restarted it because i didnt have enough sinileons or time to growtopia the wedding bundle pack so i could have a sims family. is there any time it will come back if i dont finish it in time???[color=Purple][/color]

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351772

I purchased an adopt a teen pack and canot retrive

Added 27th Jan 2014, ID #348990

if you take a drive in any car a few times it will start giving you life points. follow the car and pop the music bubbles it leaves behind. it gives u simoleons and life points. life points are more rare though. also, if you have ur sims grow beans at night time their health wont go down and u get 1,200 simoleons per sim u have gardening. its an easy over night way to make money. if u praise ur dog a lot it will give u more simoleons and more life points at a time. do little things to ur town like changing wall paper in ur houses often to increase town value that will give u life points.

fritzal: if u have a car for every sim, then add a sim to town, if u dont have another house to add a sim then make two sims good friends by making them be funny over and over again or friendly over and over again, and have them move in together, then add a new sim to town in the newly emptied house this will give u a sim without a car and u can go and complete ur goal of giving them one.

Added 2nd Dec 2013, ID #324640

You can get more stuff done with neighbor.
Added 2nd Nov 2013, ID #317646

I don't see the febreeze items. And I went to zoo store and there is no update for sims free play?

Added 28th Oct 2013, ID #316774

I find it really hard to have a lot of good items and spare items and want to know if there is a way to keep a small amount of simoleons or a cheat to get free lp / simoleons /so ?

Added 21st Oct 2013, ID #315666

there is a goal to purchase progressive car, but all my sims already have one and there is no option to skip goal. what to do??

Added 17th Oct 2013, ID #315069

Once they are no longer on the FREE list, you can sell them. I get about 50 of everything free, this way my houses have what nice items that are free and IF I ever need some extra simolions...I sell some.

Added 10th Oct 2013, ID #313778

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