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Fishing (Adults)

The spot for leveling your Fishing is on the dock in the Town Park


The hobby of Kings - really! Mr. King who lived on our street was a fisherman...

Fishing is a hobby for adults, and is accomplished by having your Sim visit the Town Park and then stepping onto the dock by the pond and tapping the water, at which point you are presented with the following options:

  • Go Fishing: 4m / 15 XP
  • Unwind: 1h / 150 XP
  • Settle In: 9h / 450 XP
  • 12 Hour Fishathon: 1d / 900 XP

As you fish you earn skill in the hobby, which translates into levels. The levels for fishing are:

  • Level / Rank 1: Fish Bait
  • Level / Rank 2: Amateur
  • Level / Rank 3: Intermediate
  • Level / Rank 4: Master Baiter
  • Level / Rank 5: Fishing Pro
  • Level / Rank 6: Fish Whisperer

The path to completing the fishing collection is one of the slowest but most rewarding
Fishing Collection
As you fish you will catch particular types of fish - some more rare than others - which are part of the fishing collection. The whole point behind this collection is to catch one of each type so that you can unlock the special reward for the fishing hobby, which is

  • Set 1: Brown Trout + Pink Cichlid + Carp = 750 XP
  • Set 2: Brown Mukluk + Spotted Koi + Salmon = 1,000 XP
  • Set 3: Blue Cichlid + Elmer Wand + Golden Koi = 1,500 XP
  • Set 4: Rainbow Trout + Jewel Cichlid + Crab De Can = 2,000 XP
  • Set 5: Polo Perch + Aaron Pinkskin + Blue Saulmon = 3,000 XP
  • Set 6: Gustavo Finn + Hank Sharker + Hi-Sim-Berg = 5,000 XP

Find all 18 types of fish and unlock the Fisherman Outfit. Noting says "I've been inside the belly of the giant fish" better than the Fisherman's Outfit.

Find all 18 a second time and unlock fish-themed Posters and Wallpaper. After that each time you complete the collection you get 5 LP.

Special Fishing Event
Giant Fish Attack: Rarity has been increased

When the fishing hobby was first introduced the process included an event in which you were required to defend your Sim against a giant fish that would attack the dock and, nearing the edge of the dock, swallowed your Sim.

The Giant Fish would then jump out of the water, generating a target button for you to quickly tap and thus obtain a random reward - either XP, Simoleons, or LP.

This repeats three times giving you three chances for random rewards, after which the Giant Fish would spit out your Sim and they would climb back onto the dock, happy to be alive!

Whether it was by intent or by accident for a period of several months this event was entirely too common, so common in fact that the event occurred around 3 out of every 10 fishing actions! Needless to say this got old quick.

In January 2014 during one of the regular updates it appears that the Wizards behind the game changed the odds for this event - earning the heartfelt thanks of Fishermen and woman everywhere! The odds now appear to be 1 in 100 rather than 3 in 10, which we must admit are far nicer odds!

Life Spans

The introduction of finite life spans and death into the game has really altered the way that we look at some of the hobbies - especially Fishing, which is perhaps the most difficult hobby to master in the game.

The most efficient approach is to pick one Sim, and make certain that they master Fishing during their Adult phase, at the expense of all other tasks and pursuits save for their Life Goals Meter.

Once you have fully mastered the art of fishing that Sim, once they become a Senior, should be moved into the Senior Protection Home in order to ensure that their valuable skills set is preserved for future events, missions, quests, and holidays when their special skill may be needed.




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