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Fashion Designer (Adults)

The mini-game for the Fashionista involves avoiding three bombs at all costs!

Fashion Designer

The art of cool - or at least that is the impression of fashion that we get from William Gibson's most excellent novel, Pattern Recognition. Seriously, you should read that - it is pretty darn spiffy for a form of entertainment that predates computer games by a bazillion years. Just saying...

Anyway, the point to this is that your Sim can drop by the Hobby Shop in town and buy a Fashion Design Studio Bench Set that they can then place in their home and, naturally enough, embark upon a path towards designing cool clothes!

Once the Studio is placed, your Adult Sim can then use it to select from the following actions:

  • Design Fashion: 4m / 16 XP
  • Work Overtime: 1h / 165 XP
  • Tailor Chef-d'oeuvre: 9h / 495 XP
  • Create Next Big Thing: 1d / 990 XP

As they Design they will unlock the following six levels:

1.Fashion Disaster
2.Fashion Faux-Pas
3.The Look
5.What's Hot
6.Fashion God

While your Sim does not get to keep them, the Fashion Collection is a set of 12 different clothing designs.

Fashion Design Collection

  • Set 1: Brown Fisherman's Hat + Fisherman's Overalls + Gumboots = 750 XP
  • Set 2: Blue Overalls + Striped Shirt + Red Boots = 1,000 XP
  • Set 3: Dress Pants + Leather Shoes + Vest & Shirt Combo = 1,500 XP
  • Set 4: Pink Dress + Black Coat + Chichi Heels = 2,000 XP

Design all 12 garments and gain access to all-new Fashion Outfits!

Special Fashion Design Event
When your Sim finishes a design session this triggers a mini-game in which a series of light bulbs and bombs spin around in a window like a slot machines -- and you must tap the light bulb three times while avoiding the bombs to succeed in their creation!

Jobs and Hobbies Courtesy House
Creating a Jobs & Hobbies Courtesy House is a really good idea for hobbies like Woodworking, Fashion Design, and the like since it puts all of your Sims together in one easy to manage location. Just saying.

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25 comments, latest first.
I only need the chichi shoes and iv tried everything and it only gives me the black boots or the fishermans hat, any ideas?

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613394

I have been on fashion design hobby for 3days now an at least 10or more rounds all have been the same three boots, hat, shirt why will it not allow me to win a new item for hobby set?

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613264

Same problem but its been going on for a while.

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613337

I cannot get passed the three fashion designs, hat, boots and the overhauls. I keep designing but nothing new comes up. Please help me! What am I doing wrong?

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612604

I have been trying to do the long hair quest and have not been able to get the black coat and chichia shoes. The squares were not lit up like the other squares were. What gives? What am I doing or not doing right?

Added 26th Jul 2015, ID #589525

My sims are no longer getting any recognition for time spent on this hobby. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix? It's been about 1 day now with no increase on hobbies.

Added 25th Jul 2015, ID #588977

I have the same issue for 2 days now. I don't understand what is going on...It's frustrating. Did it fix for you?

Added 25th Jul 2015, ID #589140

It won't let me level up on this hobby. what do I do?

Added 24th Jul 2015, ID #588748

Same how do u level up? [color=Blue][/color]

Added 26th Jul 2015, ID #589540

The hobby shop is near the store where you get pets, if you look behind the park is is there, it is next to the store where you get to customize your sims

Added 20th Jul 2015, ID #586957

Ok thanks for telling everyone who needed to know

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612405

It is near the park and it is also known as promotions r us. The circle ubove the store has a guitar and other stuff on it. Hope it helps!

Added 21st Jul 2015, ID #587512

I looked near the park and I still cannot find the hobby store.

Added 19th Jul 2015, ID #586683

i have unlocked all the 12 items .where do i will find the outfits that i got as a reward

Added 18th Jul 2015, ID #585911

Just go into the closet and go into outfits. The clothes will not show up seperatly. Hope this is helpful

Added 4th Oct 2015, ID #613900

At the costume and swim store

Added 25th Jul 2015, ID #589101

I finished fastion hobby, but I can't find the new outfit ?

Added 21st May 2015, ID #559013

i do not see a hobby shop in town. level 8 or is it at a higher level. i might be blind? how can i do fashion. interesting challenge

Added 17th Apr 2015, ID #544209

It's near the park. Just saying

Added 8th Jun 2015, ID #567419

I can't find it
( Hobby Shop)

Added 24th Jun 2015, ID #574809

Yea I can't send to get the chichi shoes either and I've done it about 90 times

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #486053

I only do the 10 minute task. EVER. It gets the best results.

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443220

How do you chichi shoes do I use 1 hour or 9 hour one ?

Added 23rd Aug 2014, ID #439852

Make sure you are doing it within the time specified. Make sure that your mate updates their cloud save or you will not see anything that they added after doing so.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431925

Stargaze or Cloudwatch using a neighbors telescope
i got a friend that has a telescope and i have a telescope also. my friend cant see my telescope and i cant see hers either, so now what do we do? i went to my telescope and "stargazed" when that was done I still have the quest...

Added 25th Jul 2014, ID #424924

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