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Content Expansion Overview

When the base game was released it was evident that the development team intended to follow the already well-established practice in the main game series of introducing new content via content expansions, though with FreePlay being a Freemium Grinder it was also pretty obvious that these expansions would not take the form of paid and retail-boxed offerings.

As anticipated the expansion content took the form of theme-based and targeted additions to the game. If you have been playing since the beginning this will be old new to you, but if you have not it will help you to appreciate both the current status of the game, and to anticipate what is coming in the future by reviewing the following expansion history:

I. The Supernatural Expansion
This update in addition to adding the new hobby of Ghosts Hunting also added genetically modified seeds, the Sim-Eating Plant, Organic Recipes, and Competition Center.

Adding Seniors and then introducing finite life-spans is the content expansion with the greatest bite...
Ghost Hunting Hobby
This is one of the more interesting hobbies - and until it received its first dedicated expansion (yeah, an expansion action was itself expanded) it was a fast-track to earning easy (or relatively) LP.

The best way to make use of this hobby and the free LP it can offer is to build a dedicated haunted house on a lot in your town and then fill it with haunted items. The extra ghosts and the longer recharge time for the haunted items makes having a lot of them a good idea.

Modified Seeds
Basically the difference between these seeds and the normal ones is that these genetically modified seeds will either pay extra dividends in profits OR they will spawn a Sim-Eating Plant!

Sim-Eating Plant
A wrestling partner for you to deal with when, as you will occasionally do, you mess up on a harvest of a genetically modified seed/plant!

Organic Recipes
Basically these specially-marked recipes can result in a stove fire - which your Sim will need to put out with their trusty fire extinguisher. Here is the thing - when that happens you lose both the cost of the recipe and its potential profits.

Competition Center
A place for your Sims to show off the new skills and hobbies that they have mastered - and for you to earn some bonus bucks while they are at it... Of course you actually have to build it before you can compete at it.

Getting Frisky is not required to add new Sims but it sure is fun!
II. Pool Party Expansion
This expansion adds the Swimming Centre as well as private pools for your Sim homes, a bunch of pool toys, and a selection of swimsuit fashion...

III. The Livin' Large Expansion
Beachside Lots were added to the game, and the winner of the house design contest saw their design added to the game.

IV. Movin' Up Expansion
Adds a second floor to houses (if you can afford it that is). This expansion also adds the Mansion house type to the game.

V. Climate Control Expansion
Adds the Snow Park to the game as well as a machine that lets the player control the weather in their town.

VI. Neighbors Expansion
Following the shutdown of Sims Social the powers that be chose to import some of the features into FreePlay, including Social Points, the ability to visit the towns of your Neighbors (friends) and hey! They added a Scandinavian house!

Adding the Stables and Horses was a Stroke of Genius!
VII. Mystery Island Expansion
This is not simply an expansion - it is a major expansion! The addition of an entire new area and the bridge building project that connects it to the mainland. The Level Cap was increased to 70 and what is more, the new area includes monuments and a lengthy quest and mission system for unlocking them.

A bonus to this new expansion is an expansion to the expansion that adds old people (sort of) or at least gives old people a place to go do old people things, and that is almost as good!

VIII. Saddle Up Expansion
A new content expansion that adds horses and stables to the game! Horses! Stables! Yay!

Closing Comments
Well there you have them - the major expansions to the game. There were other additions like aging and the like, but those are not expansions so much as updates to the game. We will keep you informed.

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How do u change ur time to sim time I can't figure it out please help me -signed Brooke

Added 23rd Aug 2015, ID #601368

How do i get the getting frisky

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565305

The people who made that picture with that caption just want to make this game seem cool when it's clearly not.

Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #596060

It's called woo hoo

Added 19th Jun 2015, ID #572311

How do I put another level on my house, I can't figure it out!

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552382

You have to complete the Multi-renovations Quest, available to you at Lvl 17.

Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564643

How do u get a chopping board ???

Added 11th Dec 2014, ID #483213

You have to complete the cooking hobby. A chopping board can also be found in the kitchen of the Candlelit Fork

Added 18th Nov 2015, ID #626223

What is the "getting frisky" picture? What expansion does that interaction come with?

Added 9th Nov 2014, ID #469235

First, I am not sure what you mean by playing another sim their playlist - please restate the question with more details?

The haunted items are marked with small red ghosts, once you get to the level that allows you to buy them you find them in the in game buy and build store.

If you cannot get into the game after the horse update, try reinstalling.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448534

How do i play another sim their playlist?

Added 2nd Sep 2014, ID #443747

I am at level 27, I have the competition center and I get the obnoxious sim eating plants and stove fires. Why can't I have haunted items? I am at the quest of it a later quest? I have a vampire house complete with a vampire couple, who just may have to become normal to convert this to the unoccupied haunted house...all I need are haunted items! Help?

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397137

I can't get back into the game after the horse-update!

Added 17th May 2014, ID #384804

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