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Children's Store

The Children's Store does not sell Children, it sells toys and objects for kids.
The Children's Store is divided into three Tabs - Infant, Toddler, and Preteen - offering the player unique items for each age level that cannot be obtained from any other source. It also offers items that are available in the main in-game store, but not so much as not.

Infant Tab

The following items are available under the Infant Tab:

  • White Baby Crib ($3000)
  • Brown Baby Crib (5 LP)
  • Yellow Baby Crib (6 LP)
  • Blue Baby Crib (8 LP)
  • Purple Baby Crib (16 LP)
  • Elf (2 LP)
  • Rocker (2-Star / $5000)
  • Chair (1-Star / $800)
  • Table ($600)
  • Dresser ($7000)
  • Baby Mobile (2 LP)
  • Duckie (20 LP)

Toddler Tab

The following items are available under the Toddler Tab:

  • Rocking Horse (1-Star / $1500)
  • Elf (2 LP)
  • Chair ($800)
  • Bed (1-Star / $6000)
  • Pink Race Car (2-Star / 15 LP)
  • Red Race Car (2-Star / 18 LP)
  • Pink Castle Bed (3-Star / 25 LP)
  • Toy Track A (1-Star / $12,000)
  • Stuffed Puppy (2-Star / 2 LP)
  • Toy Track B (2-Star / 8 LP)
  • Toy Track C (3-Star / 15 LP)
  • Toy Track D (3-Star / 26 LP)
  • Brown Doll House (1-Star / $7000)
  • Yellow Doll House (2-Star / 7 LP)
  • Purple Doll House (3-Star / 12 LP)
  • Play Center (1-Star / $4500)
  • Red and Blue Tea Table (2-Star / 3 LP)
  • Purple Tea Table (3-Star / 6 LP)
  • Play Set 1 (1-Star / $15,000)
  • Play Set 2 (2-Star / $35,000)
  • Play Set 3 (3-Star / 20 LP)
  • Play Set 4 (3-Star / 25 LP)
  • Alphabet Poster (1 LP)
  • Sim Poster (1 LP)
  • Table ($600)
  • Dresser ($7000)
  • Green Pool (1-Star / $4500)
  • Blue Pool (2-Star / 6 LP)
  • Rainbow Pool (3-Star / 10 LP)
  • Pink Pram (4 LP)
  • Chalk Board (1-Star / $6000)
  • Swing Set (1-Star / 6 LP)
  • Sandbox (1-Star / 6 LP)
  • Block Set (3-Star / 12 LP)
  • Stuffed Teddy (3-Star / 20 LP)

Preteen Tab

The following items are available under the Preteen Tab:

  • Febreeze Beanbag Chair (1-Star / Free)
  • Media Center (1-Star / $750)
  • Brown Beanbag Chair (1-Star / $500)
  • Purple Beanbag Chair (2-Star / 2 LP)
  • Blue Chair (3-Star / $1500)
  • Slip N Slide 1 (1-Star / $3000)
  • Slip N Slide 2 (2-Star / $5500)
  • Slip N Slide 3 (3-Star / 6 LP)
  • Brown Bed (1-Star / $1500)
  • White Bed (1-Star / $1800)
  • Blue Bed (2-Star / $3000)
  • Pink Bed (2-Star / $3000)
  • Deluxe Pink Bed (3-Star / 5 LP)
  • Green Desk (1-Star / $700)
  • Yellow Desk (1-Star / $1250)
  • Pink Desk (1-Star / $1550)
  • Brown Desk (2-Star / $2600)
  • Brown Table ($375)
  • White Table ($500)
  • Blue Bedside Table ($800)
  • White Bedside Table ($1000)
  • Round Lace Table (1 LP)
  • Round Table (2 LP)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 1 (1-Star / $4000)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 2 (1-Star / $4500)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 3 (2-Star / $8050)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 4 (2-Star / 2 LP)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 5 (3-Star / 3 LP)
  • Preteen Bookshelf 6 (3-Star / 5 LP)
  • Skate Poster ($460)
  • Band Poster ($480)
  • Trio Poster ($520)
  • Rainbow Poster (1 LP)
  • Record Player (1-Star / 10 LP)
  • Silver Trampoline (1-Star / $3000)
  • Blue Trampoline (2-Star / $9000)
  • Deluxe Trampoline (3-Star / 12 LP)
  • Martial Arts Practice Dummy (1-Star / 10 LP)
  • Mess ($200)
  • Chest 1 ($250)
  • Chest 2 ($600)
  • Decoration 1 ($800)
  • Decoration 2 (1 LP)
  • Jewelry Box (2 LP)
  • Desk (3-Star / 3 LP)
  • Desk (3-Star / 5 LP)
  • Sleeping Cuddly (3-Star / $28,000)
  • Playset (2-Star / $1800)
  • Stereo (3-Star / 2 LP)

Bear in mind that some of the Goals you will get in your Town will require specific items that you must buy in the Children's Store.

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41 comments, latest first.
In order to put a baby in the highchair you need to have the highchair in the middle of a room or somewhere in which an adult sim can stand behind the highchair. The reason for that is because the adult sims put the babies in through the back of the highchair not the front like it should be. Hope this helped!

Added 27th Nov 2015, ID #628865

I only have the "infant" tab available. I'm on level 14 and also have no "sunflower TV" option. Any ideas on what I need to do to be able to access them?

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603475

all these so called "cheats" for money I keep reading everywhere. if you get the sand box or swing set from childrens store you can sell it for money.. where do you get all the life points needed to keep doing this?????

Added 26th Aug 2015, ID #602614

If you wanna make money go into the children's store and buy as many swings as you want for free and then sell them and get 300 coins back for them, that's what I did and I got hundreds I now have 538.296 coins so I recommend doing that

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595435

How do you use a baby mobile in sims free play? When I try to have my baby do something with it t doesn't even know I'm trying to make it do something.

Added 5th Aug 2015, ID #594067

i am on the nanny knows best quest and it says you have to put the infant in the highchair and its not letting me do it

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593264

My game updated and nowi have highchairs but where do you put itthe mother keeps saying something is the way but it is an empty path?!?!

Added 30th Jul 2015, ID #591528

What is a bed table for the infant?

Added 29th Jul 2015, ID #590995

What do I do if the children's store is 18632 hrs. Any cheats for helps ?

Added 18th Jul 2015, ID #586105

That's why u don't do cheats I know how to fix it

Added 30th Jul 2015, ID #591371

Have a toddler take a "Catnap" in a toddler bed....

Added 23rd May 2015, ID #559717

To biuld the children's store u have to be at level 10 or 9 ok [video][video][video][/video] [/video] [/video]

Added 2nd May 2015, ID #550964

Does the baby mobile do anything? Every time I click on it, my sim will basically say no & wave her arms and a red circle with a line going through it appears. I've tried moving it and moving my baby's crib and nothing seems to work.

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #531061

I can't find the toys

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #515012

I have completed more than 2 and a half quests and it won't unlock

Added 7th Jan 2015, ID #497709

The children store cost 7500 simpleton and u need 6 sims in your town

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492056

When do you get the goal to buy the Children Store?

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491552

What if you don't build it by the timer goes off can you still have a baby?

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487731

Yes u can

Added 24th Jun 2015, ID #574833

Yes. You just miss the chance to get some free stuff.

Added 29th May 2015, ID #562846

What do you have to do to make so that you can build it

Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #486744

How much money is the children's store?

Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #485538

Each of the stores appears in the game as a building site ONCE you reach the required LEVEL for your town. So basically the secret to getting them is to continue to level up your town. When the building site appears, build it!

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443163

How doi Get the Cildren store

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #442894

After you build the store the items you buy are found in your inventory in the build menu for your house. Just access that via the build menu.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431887

What does the mobile do...?

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423501

Can you get the children's for free?

Added 26th Jun 2014, ID #407035

I built the children store but now i can only found a few crib in the infant list and a swing and sandbox in the toddler list and a few stuff in preteen

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #404976

What does the baby mobile do?

Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397832

What does the elf and the duckie do? On my iPhone 4 I had the children's store but sims got updated and now that I've upgraded my device I don't have the children's store (yet!) and they didn't have an elf or a duckie. Can you play with it to gain xp or something??? Or does it just waste another chunk of space?

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397306

If you bought things from the children's store then where would you find it so you can put it in your house?

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393397

is there a way to build the childrens store without the mone requirements

Added 14th May 2014, ID #384110

What does the duckie for 20lp actually do?????

Added 10th Apr 2014, ID #373296

Is the elf baby toy worth spending 2 LP's? Does it do anything or is it just decoration?

Added 2nd Apr 2014, ID #370822

I think the fact that sim babies are delivered via a 24-hour stork and don't require any insemination for their creation might perhaps influence what one should label as "obvious" ;)

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359741

How do I uncheck an item from the children store

Added 10th Feb 2014, ID #353795

Why do I not have a dollhouse in my store? The toddlers tab only has a swing set and a sandbox

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351807

I think it's obvious that it won't sell children, I mean come on? Why would a store sell children! That's just plain silly! XD

Added 31st Jan 2014, ID #350407

My friend Aliya had bought the children's store but she then got a goal to build the children's store even though she already has so what can she do as the goal won't go away and she can't skip it...

Added 1st Dec 2013, ID #324039

I have built the childrens store, and at first all the items were there, then my game crashed when I was on the party boat and only have a few items available now. Has anyone else experienced this?

Added 7th Nov 2013, ID #318288

It says up there that what is obvious to me might not be obvious to others, but isn't it obvious that the Children's Store doesn't sell Children? I mean it might be possible for a game, but this was just hilarious. XD

Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #315165

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