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A Sim Town Thanksgiving

If it seemed like this one would never come well, it is here now - the FreePlay official Holiday Event! Oddly enough this event also comes with a ticking timer, as did the last event... So FP'ers will have to get busy to get the loot at the end of this adventure!

(1) Get Three Sims in a House
For this Goal - which you find in the Holiday Goal section on the Goal Bar bottom left of your play screen, you simply need to get 3 Sims present in a house.

If you already have a household with three or more Sims resident you simply need to visit that household to unlock this goal. Easey-peasey!

(2) Be Nice to a Sim
To complete this goal simply have a Sim use the Be Nice chat action on another Sim!

(3) Bake a Pumpkin Pie
To complete this stage in the holiday quest have your best baking Sim do the 10h Task of Baking a Pumpkin Pie on the best oven you have!

(4) Have Three Sims Watch Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.
Sounds simple enough - just sit three Sims down to watch TV and choose the Parade. Watching the TV instantly unlocks this and unlocks the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat which can be found in the Create-A-Sim Menu!

(5) Be Funny to a Sim.
This one just requires you to use the Be Funny Action with a Sim.

(6) Cook the Turkey in the Oven
This is a 4h Task so pick your best cook and get to it! Completing this Task awards you with the Thanksgiving Table decoration.

(7) Have 3 Sims Eat a Thanksgiving Meal.
To complete this part of the event you need to purchase the Thanksgiving Table from the Home Section of the in-game store and then have your three Sims eat the meal.

(8) Have 3 Sims Listen to a Stereo.
For this Task all that you need to do is have one Sim start listening to the Stereo and then have two others join in. Completing this Task completes the quest and unlocks the Turkey Beanbag and the Turkey Hat! Well done you!

This nicely wraps up the Holiday Event - you should easily be able to obtain the full run and its prizes without having to spend LP but, if the timer is running short, you may want to spend a few LP to get through the cooking bits.


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