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265 matel_zx 7th Feb 2006 86% Read Review

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I was amazed what you could do on it and it annoyed me when you needed a lot of room and I needed to get a new memroy card.

I have about 10 already cause I have lots of games, I think its good and I wish there were millons of sim games like it... and there were every job you can get like a fireman and more.

sound:5/10 annoying
grathics:9/10 amazing
gameplay:10/10 cool
lifespan;9/10it can get annoying
overall:10/10 it cool and amazing

See ya all !


No thumbs

Added 30 Aug 2005, ID #16977, by gold506 and get
Way better than the computer version

I vote this game a massive 10/10
its brilliant

Graphics 10/10
fun rating 9/10
difficulty 7/10
its hard but i like it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the computer version,the game is quite hard but its fun, VERY FUN.
I can play this game all day!

Brilliant absolutely brilliant


No thumbs

Added 27 Mar 2005, ID #13973, by beanfan
Bloody great game if you ask me

I think this game is great to start of with but once you've done everything it gets a bit well boring, but maybe thats just me well all in all I give the game a:

8/10 in graphics
3/10 in the music and voices they really annoy me
7/10 in game play its fun but gets tiring and boring but its stil great
9/10 on the things you can make them do like wet themselves thats kinda funny

All in all I give it a...........................6/10


No thumbs

Added 18 May 2004, ID #8671, by cheatscheats

On freeplay mode it's so cool to watch the grim reaper come and wipe out one of your characters??

I reckon its really funny what do others think!!


No thumbs

Added 4 May 2004, ID #8518, by cheatscheats
The immortal joins forces with the king of all beasts...

This review is special. Very special. My slave Ignatius found a lynx on the top of the highest mountain on mars. The lynx claims to be king of all beasts and is assisting me on this review of 'Bustin out', a game not unfamiliar to anyone who played the Sims.

The Sims Bustin out's main feature is the ability to leave your house to visit other Sims, but is a complete failure. Huge loading times mean that you only leave your house when it's extremely necessary. Your sims can be created, though the previous Sims game had a better system. The house-building is far improved, with TONNES, and I mean tonnes, of extras and unlockables. Get a Life mode and unlocking items is about what career you choose. There are 7 different careers to choose from including Counter Culture, Fashion Victim, Jock to name a few. With 12 destinations to visit, the game is pretty large. However, the game is not that good. Remember, it is a SIMS game. The new social interactions, which include Dirty dance, French kiss, and Burp in face, are unsuitable for a game with a 7+ rating. Also, the game itself is tedious. Unlocking stuff is the only initiative to continue. Friend building is equally tedious, as is caring for your sim. It is good for a sims game, with the Get a life mode that lets you choose where you go.

However, there are too many annoying parts for it to be enjoyable. Girls like it though, however. The immortal does not feel lust, so he will rate this game as... okay...ish...enough.
Graphics: 77% Colourful but not always smooth
Sound: 71% Funny voices, annoying music
Gameplay: 58% Tedious to the limit, but house building IS fun...
Lifespan: 50% Depends on your boredom threshold
Overall: 69% Good for a sims game, but c*** for anyone who doesn't like the idea of people wetting themselves.


No thumbs

Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #8269, by the immortal
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