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721 Pooly 31st Oct 2007 92% Read Review
735 UmbreonDude_ 18th Nov 2007 86% Read Review
759 tbug2007 21st Dec 2007 86% Read Review
777 Twilight_Sasuke 17th Jan 2008 76% Read Review
862 mitsu 8th May 2008 60% Read Review
949 dragonx254 17th Sep 2008 74% Read Review
1212 Tetzie_26 12th Feb 2010 78% Read Review
1354 Linkforever 8th Jul 2011 94% Read Review
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Its okay for beginners Added 3 Apr 2010, ID #13432
I thought this zelda game was okay, but too easy in the puzzle solving. Its a great game for beginner zelda players, but for the more advanced playerd, I do not recommend it. The graphics are okay for the DS. Music isn't the best in the series. The whole traveling on a boat wasn't the best idea as well. I liked the use of the touch screen. A great way to start beginners in. I would rate it at 6.5 of 10. and get
An Awesome Game Added 6 Jan 2008, ID #6014
I got this game for Christmas and played it all the way to January third...straight with a little breaks in between.

This game combines action with strategy based confusion if you will.On multiple occasions,they give you switches or pull levers that you have to pull in a certain order and if you pull them in the wrong order,well you have to do it over again until you get it right.One puzzle took me hours to figure out.All this time spent was well worth it though.

During each part of the game or level, you will usually find a new weapon that has to be used to defeat the boss and go through the level.My favorite weapon is the, Bombchu, which is a bomb that follows a path that you draw on the map.

This game puts you on your toes at all times.While sailing from island to island, you must be ready to blast enemies at a moments notice.Being ambushed is no fun either.

The graphics on this game aren't as good as I hoped but are good enough for my standards.Also the characters show emotions that are remarkable.They are also very funny.

The only other thing that I did not like is that the touch screen is the only way to move.In battles, I would sometimes forget that the Directional Pad doesn't work with movements and I would try to use it and I would...well you know what happens next.

There is a variety assortment of opponents from little frog things to evil phantoms, which can kill you easily.My favorite thing to take out were Yooks, which are yak like things.I hated fighting Phantom Eyes because they stick to you and attract Phantoms.

Overall...I recommend this game to all Nintendo and Zelda fans.

Thank you for reading,
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