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Added 5 Jan 2004, ID #1092
Hi everyone

I love house of the dead and its many great titles and other games which has a difference like time crisis, vampire night and ninja assault.

house of the dead on Xbox is fantastic since the best part is, is the weapons. you have a handgun in 1 and 2 of HOTD series and now u got a shotgun
this is a more detailed game and continueing the background of the story like this weird scientist or person goes wrong. it starts from the research lab, then the town and now the abandoned facility.

this is a non-stop action game where you cant stop to take a breather, u keep fighting on throughtout the game As hordes of zombies keep coming. the zombies are better and more scarier. Also if G or Lisa gets attack by zombies you can help them but if lisa is getting attacked then only g can kill the zombies and kill the ones that are shning red at the beginning of the rescue. have fun!!! and get
ID #291

I just got this game as a rental and boy is it good. Although i own the second game on the dreamcast this added part is still good for some, not only do you get the third game but the second one aswell, yep the second game fully. But back to the main game- If you played house of the dead before you only had handguns but now shotguns are standed and a new part is added as when one charator is down the other has to be at rescue. another great game for the box.

However this is not a game to buy the box

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