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The Grinch Added 13 Sep 2004, ID #189

here are some ape escape codes for game shark

Moon Jump- D00e54780008, 800ec23e0008

All Monkey- 801393680001, 801393700001, 801393780001, 801393800001,

801393880001, 801393900001, 801393980001, 801393a00001, 801393a80001,

801393b00001, 801393b00001, 801393b80001, 801393c00001, 801393c80001,

801393d00001, 801393d80001, 801393e00001, 801393e80001, 801393f00001,

801393f80001, 801394000001

Only need to catch one monkey to end the level- 800f44b600ce
 and get
hohoho Added 16 Nov 2003, ID #110

Go In Cheat Mode (Press R1+Circle before the bird logo comes up)

Press up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right, R1

All the planes should be default color

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