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ID #3232

Bouncer is a great game, it has great voice acting, and its option to change either the landuage or subtitles to Japanese/English is an excellent feature. The graphics have great texture, and the fighting is in real-time, and you can also use special techniques that are only available to each individual bouncer. Plus you can get to use a trinity-rush on opponents for a small FMV which look amazing. From all its glorious work of its creators, there is only one drawback to its overall performance, you can beat the story mode for all three characters in about 5-6 hrs. :(

But still, it has versus mode for up to 4 players, and also survival mode, making its replay value very high.

I give a rating of 1-10 a 9.2, it really is a great game if you justlove eyecandy!

ID #3231

The Bouncer is a really awsome game graphics are Great. Needs to make a 2 player story to make the game more fun Versus is not as fun as I would of thought on a scale of 1-5 i give bouncer a 4

ID #3230

I think Bouncer is a really cool game but it needs a longer story to it and u need to be able to walk around more instead of video but i still think the videos and voices rock

ID #3229

The bounceris a really good game if you don't have a memory card because you can complete it in about 3 hours!

But the multiplayer is wicked because you can be any player you have beaten in story mode.

Out of 10 I'd rate it 9

ID #3228

I Think That Bouncer is a great Game and they simular to Square's Other games like the Final fantisy's but with a mordener theam and far better graphic's and I think you will strongly agree. The only thing I would have hoped the game was a bit longer. I think if Square realised a Game like this but with Easy And Hard Modes and you could have a story mode with more than just one player but a game that could have 1-4 in story mode I would buy and so would all my friends and it would be a big seller. I Hope you agree.

ID #3227

This game is pretty good, graphics are good, and he characters have cool fighting moves.


ID #3226

this game is the bomb when you first get it but i must say like id think most people would agree on it would

be cooler if it had 2 player story mode like my brother gets annoyed when i clock it all over agian id give this game for startes 9/10 and for people hew have had this game for a long time 5/10

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