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Kuri Kuri Mix or The Adventures of Cookies and Cream as it is Known in Japan is a 2 player game or 1 player if your up for a chalenge. Now you might walk into a shop and see it and the first thing you would say to your self would be this:What Kiddish Graphics but I brought it any way and after a while my brother and me fell in love with it. This is because you have to cooperate because each player has 1 side of the screen so if there is something bloking your way like a massive crocodile on the other there will be a leash witch one of the players will have to pull it restraining the crocodile so I recomend buying this game if you have a brother or sister and you should be 7+ and on a skail of 1 to 10 I would give this game 9.5 and get
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