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76 Ultima(elite) 12th Jun 2005 88% Read Review
346 ShilohInuYasha 12th Jul 2006 100% Read Review
494 Buster_VS_Masamune 2nd Jan 2007 80% Read Review
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TheGreatestGameEver. Added 5 Jun 2006, ID #5975
the game Tales of Symphonia is one of the greatests games i EVER played in my life the sound is relly good and it has a totally cool combat style and a LONG range of techs it is a very fun RPG game to play even the world you play in is big to and to can even play as diffrent pepole in the game to if you want to and the boss are totally cool to everything about this game it totally cool it\'s a big game to i beat it two almost three times and i always find stuff new overall this is a relly fun to play. and get
Maybe one of the best RPG Games up to date. Added 14 Nov 2005, ID #4915
Tales of Symphonia is a quick actioned RPG Game which takes place in a village of Iselia in the world of Sylverant. You star as Lloyd Irving, A very good fighter with a special exsphere but with the same IQ as the memory span of a goldfish (25 if you want to get technical about it).

Lloyd Irvings best friends Collete the chosen one and Genis the twelve year old elven genius with an IQ of at least 398. See a flash of light in the middle of school (The Oracle) So Lloyd, Collete and Genis check it out.

This game is a very good fighting game but some of the parts are predicitble. Along this journey you will find another world as well as several plot changes and twists.

I give this game a 9/10 very well done gamecube rpg, very well done.
Yeh!!! Added 22 Oct 2004, ID #2740
I just started this game and at this point I would give it ethier a 9 out of 10 or a perfect 10. This is one of the best games I've ever played.
Added 24 Sep 2004, ID #2645
WOW!! I rate this game 11/10. Great story line. Possibly the best RPG for Gamecube.
Awesome! Added 18 Aug 2004, ID #2378
The best Role Playing Game on the Gamecube. The story gets very intresting the further you play! 10/10
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