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59 jab12350 3rd Jun 2005 70% Read Review
113 Mr Mario 4 U 9th Jul 2005 100% Read Review
160 Sephirothdw4 22nd Aug 2005 94% Read Review
179 latias56 3rd Sep 2005 94% Read Review
292 Callumthewallum 12th Apr 2006 92% Read Review
312 gamesubmitter 2nd May 2006 88% Read Review
334 gamesubmitter 23rd Jun 2006 100% Read Review
339 jet_returns 28th Jun 2006 98% Read Review
371 LugiaMaster101 26th Jul 2006 88% Read Review
439 Lambo84136 20th Oct 2006 96% Read Review
522 Zelda_Fan 24th Jan 2007 96% Read Review
614 MasterMilotic 13th May 2007 80% Read Review
711 8 Bit 1st Oct 2007 88% Read Review
774 Glitchmaster117 14th Jan 2008 96% Read Review
779 razor101 19th Jan 2008 98% Read Review
793 powahawk 5th Feb 2008 100% Read Review
916 Chicken_Nuts 1st Aug 2008 86% Read Review
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Super smash bros melee Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #1272
Super smash bros melee is the best gamecube game EVER you can do two player, team mode, tiny mode and much more and there are tons of excellent cheats for it I would give it 10/10.

Peace out. and get
Added 19 Nov 2003, ID #1026
I thought it was a very good game.

It seemed like Super Smash Brothers with a kick to it.

I gave it a 10/10, and thought it was well worth the money.
An Amazing Game. Added 9 Oct 2003, ID #922
Unlike most fighting games, ssbm really has some creativity to it. Firstly, there is a damage meter which can go as high as u wish. But as it goes higher, you get knocked further.

Secondly, there are many great items lke a hammer, bomb, growth mushroom and much more.

IF anyone has played the first ssb then u'll know it was really good. But they improved it by making the gameplay faster and more actionpacked action.
They also improved it with the many different things you can now do when you play. You can collect trophies, pla adventure which is like the classical super mario game and try to smash a sandbag as far as you can.
If your worried about this game being too hard, don't worry. Theres a difficulty setting from 1-9 or very easy to very hard in almost everything.

The graphics are pretty good, not the best of gamecube but still very acceptable.

One really great thing is that no matter how good you are at this game, u will always find something which meets your standards.

So, i give this game a 98, the tiny downside is just the graphics, but this game has magnificent gameplay.
95% Added 1 Oct 2003, ID #897

Best gamecube game ever.
Hidden Characters Added 20 Sep 2003, ID #777
The Hidden Character is about 3 times the amount of hidden in the N64 version, which means more pounding for everyone!

The characters are defineitly more powerful, so use them whenever you can!
100-99% Added 1 Sep 2003, ID #731
Hi. I rate this game 100-99% greater then any other games I have. This one is better then the N64 version.That was a review from Mario103.Bye
Alleluiah Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #649
Get This Game!!!

It' sos much better then the first Super Smash Bros and the new pokemon and graphics and gameplay are so much better too!!!

Get this game as it's fun to play and great value for money!!!

Get It!!!
Alleluiah Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #645

ID #580

This is the best video game I have ever played. It is fun to battle even if you have never played it before. This game shows the true power of the GAMECUBE, unlike PIKMIN.

ID #579

Yo People!

I haven't got Super Smash Bros Melee but my friend has it and its so cool. I like being Child Link, he is so much better than Adult Link, & I like beating up Ganondorf with him.

My sister likes the Ice climbers(do they have a name?!) and she loves beating up Fox.

Yo, anyway, I'll get it at half term in Summer term,2002, and I'm looking forward to getting Luigi's Mansion, too.

See ya round, dudes!

ID #578

This is one ov the very best games for just action, wether it be one player, or multiplayer

ID #577

I rate this game for a 100. The graphics

are so cool. I like Roy when he charges

his sword for a long time then unleashes

it. I also like the game because you got

the events, classic and adventure, sandbag hitting thing, and so much more.If you don't have it you're missing the fun.Bye

ID #576

This game gets you SO INTO IT! I play this game everyday and I just can't get enough! This game IS THE BEST 4-PLAYER ACTION GAME OF ALL TIME! To my opinion.

This game has a lot of modes, trophies, weapons, characters, etc. That's what makes the game so TIGHT!

ID #575

YOWZAAS!!! i like that game soooooooo much. its alot better than every ps2 game combined. Crickey The amount of characters and moves is cool. almost as cool as snakes

ID #574

This game is the best Gamecube game I have ever played.The graphics are incredible.I like the way Mewtwo and Samus charge up their blasts, it looks sweat.Its is amazing for kids and teens of all ages. Also Its awsome in single player. Multi player is even better. I hope everyone Here learned what great games are - Super Smash bros. MELLEE!!

ID #573

This game is my favourite gamecube game and my most favourite game in the world.

My favourite characters are:





5th:Yoshi and Luigi.

ID #572

I think that if you like Nintendo characters and fighting games, Super Smash Bros.

Melee is definetly for YOU. Starting with 14 characters and going to 25, there's absolutly no way you can get bored!!

There is so much to do and so many things to unlock. I think this game deserves to get bought!! Have fun!

ID #571

This game is sweet. after finally beating 100% of it, it came to me: PLAY IT AGAIN!

I ,myself, am a choosy person like simon from that American idol show or whatever its called. I have the Luigi top 10 people, my judges & hilarious extras the creaters never thought of.

Top 10 Characters

10) Bowser- he maybe slow, he can't jump, but this koopa, one hell of a fighter!

9)Yoshi- that egg roll is invincible once you learn how to use it wisely

8)Luigi- he jumps higher, hits harder, &has the ability to hurt doing his taunt

7)Marth- that B move is too good to be true

6)DK- better version of bowser

5)Young link- hes hard to hit cause of his size & lasts longer in fights

4) Mario- hes a lucky duck, thats all

3)Roy- hes powerfull & has moves that finish them off, even A can do it at 150% or higher!

2)Kirby- this person is fast

1)ice climbers- the ONLY way to beat them is to seperate them, but until then, take cover!

Tha jugde scores

1- no good 3-bad 5-ok 7-good 10-PERFECT

Graphics= 12345678(9)10

Story= 1234567(8)910

Music= 12345678(9)10


Players= 123456789(10)

Arenas= 12345678(9)10



Trphies= 123456(7)8910

Options= 12345(6)78910

Loading= 123456789(10)

Errors= 123456789(10)

if you wanna see something very dumb, just go to trophie show case & look at Daisy's traophie. once you look at, you'll probably think "whats up?" but zoom in & spin it & you'll find her third eye.

or in the viruses trophie, spin & zoom & you should find a lil green dot on one of them, I think its the blue one. once you look at it closly, its a fourth virus, tiny style

get the duck hunter trophie & zoom in on one of them & you'll find a tiny lil reflection of the original mario brothers. it depends on how far you complete the game as to whos on it. nobosy till 200 trophies (including this) 201-225peach 126-250luigi 251-275 bowser 276-290mario 291-? more ducks

thats about it really.

Mario Luigi Roy & marth rule, ice climbers are lethal

oh yea, the ic climbers names are blue green pale & orange is Popo & pink yellow red is nana (forgot her other color)


ID #569

yes this has to be the best game on gamecube so get it or ya should sell your gamecube to the jipsys.get it.

mark out of 10 = 11/10.nothing boring on it.

This is a name is pointless speaking.I submit stuff for everything.I submit cheats hints and reviews and this is the best game to review so get it get it GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

This also is better than the wind waker.

ID #567
I'm glad to say that I rate this game 200/100!

This is the BEST game for Gamecube and everybody who has a Gamecube should get it!


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