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927 yoshiman277 8th Aug 2008 66% Read Review
1456 Cameo23 15th Jun 2013 100% Read Review
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Awesome!! Added 4 Jul 2013, ID #5556
I love this game soo much! It is full of adventure and super cool quests I love doing this. I have done this game like 5 times!! My little bro loves it too!! Hes 12. Yeah so I think everyone should get this game. It is kinda funny too! I love getting all the pixels and the new characters. Super fun stuff. The only thing I don't like is having to find where the new pure heart box thing is so yeah otherwise it's a blast!! It can be for kids too my 5 year old cousin plays this!! and get
The sh*t! Added 14 Jun 2013, ID #5538
I have played video games since I was just a little kid and Mario Galaxy is by far one of the best games (if not THE best game) I have ever played. It is challenging and imaginative and so much fun! And although I beat it a long time ago, I still find myself starting new games and playing all over again!
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