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ID Author Date Score
52 Cross Stinger 31st May 2005 86% Read Review
77 Artemis The Hunter 14th Jun 2005 90% Read Review
125 Dodgerfan241695 16th Jul 2005 92% Read Review
441 chainsaw massecure 25th Oct 2006 74% Read Review
904 darkdeoxys24 16th Jul 2008 88% Read Review
934 Smart One Kg 15th Aug 2008 90% Read Review
1150 dragonx254 2nd Aug 2009 88% Read Review
1165 Shiny Grovyle 26th Aug 2009 84% Read Review
1327 Pokemonhacker68 28th Mar 2011 86% Read Review
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Super Mario 64 DS Added 29 Sep 2013, ID #18035
It is the best game I have ever played in my life!!!!!
I think it is the best game that was ever invented in the Universe!!! It is so awesome it is outstanding!!!!
Though it took me 5 years to beat, it is still a very fun and strategic game. It is very challenging but it is still very fun. I am happy that you get to play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and yoshi(NOT WALUIGI!! Sorry but it's true) and the AR codes are pretty cool to.And yes, You do have to have all 150 stars to get to the cannon(unless you cheat). and get
Great game! Added 3 Aug 2010, ID #14445
The Game Has a Great storyline and the gameplay is exellent! Definitly worth the buy for any gamer on the go!
The music and the game Added 21 Oct 2007, ID #5224
I think the music is great, funny and cheerful. I'd give it 99% out of 100%
I realy like this game!! The graphics are fabulous, very clear and colourful. I think this game would suit anybody of any age range who likes adventure games and Mario, obviously! This game has lasted me a long time, which not very many do! I like all the characters in this game especially Bowser. I think that he is funny when he gets angry.
Super Mario 64 DS The new stuff. Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #1924
_ things. The Grafichs 99%. Game play 91%. Characters 98%. How many stars 67%. How long it is to unlock the cannon 34%. When you shoot yourself to the roof & the goods on the roof 12%. Thank-you for reading this.
Super Mario 64 DS review Added 9 Feb 2005, ID #41
A great remake of a great game. This version is even better because of the ability to play as characters other than Mario, and the addition of 30 new stars and new secret star levels.

Better than the original game, but goombas still appear in almost every level and the music from one level is still heard in at least 2 others.

I give it a 94%.
Great Game! Added 20 Dec 2004, ID #11
A great remake. Better graphics and the mini games are incredibly fun.

A classic game in a new Nintendo system!
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