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Hints and Tips

Clearly, the main goal of Subway Surfers is to stay alive as long as possible. As such, any hints and tips to do well at the game, without resorting to cheating or hacks, focus on this area.

Below are a few simple pointers on how to stay alive long enough in Subway Surfers to rack up some big scores and challenge your friends.

Use the Hoverboard

You will naturally collect a fair few Hoverboards on your runs in Subway Surfers. If you find yourself doing particularly well on a run, you should use as many of these as necessary to prolong your survival. Personally, I found it something of a distraction to have to double-tap the screen every time, not to mention the fact that you may not pay so much attention knowing that you can survive a hit.

Upgrade Your Power-Ups

The power-ups in Subway Surfers are a great gift when they come along. My personal favorite is the Jetpack, as it takes you up above the arena at great speed, is really fun to use, and means you can't get hit by any obstacles. Also, you earn points the whole time that you're using it, so extending the amount of time that it lasts is a great idea.

The Jetpack is extremely fun

Stay Up High

The safest place to be in Subway Surfers is on top of the trains. This means that you can jump off the top of the train and move in the air - effectively making a diagonal movement. If you try this on the ground, you just move left or right - there are also far more obstacles to avoid on the ground. Stay up high and you should find you have an easier run.

Coins Are Not Essential

Of course it's great to have loads of Coins so that you can unlock the extra characters and boards in Subway Surfers, and upgrade your power-ups. However, it is not worth risking your life for a few measly Coins, so if you are on a great run, try to preserve it just by staying up high and out of harms way rather than making risky maneuvers for Coins.

Learn the Advanced Moves

There are some moves in Subway Surfers that a lot of players don't realize. You can jump, then go left or right in midair, for one thing. You can also cut a jump short by swiping downwards in mid-jump. This is a good way to complete the jump missions, as well as correcting a mistake you may have made to avoid obstacles.

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ok thanks

Added 18th Sep 2015, ID #609256

you guys are suckers. I even know how to get the jackpot, all the charecters, to get 10783 coin in a run and unlock all skateboards. i am the best, i get the 1st gold in each city i play in.

Added 8th Jul 2015, ID #581552

show off. stop lying and cheating.

Added 12th Dec 2015, ID #632784

Sheesh, don't be rude.

Added 18th Aug 2015, ID #599601


Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487995

You can hit jackpot I have a few times not the big one though,just save some coins for upgrades and to buy the boxes to.You can hit 1000000 eaiser seems like though.Fun game this is the first time I've ever looked at cheats and not worth it

Added 21st Oct 2014, ID #461412

Added 31st aug 2013 ld #305792

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445380

hey guys i know a very good idea if you need more coins in the mystery box first buy a mystery box and click it suddenly if you done late it will come like 1xtricky hat or 1xyautinis or 1xspikes giutar

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413990


Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #316606

where r the cheats
can anybody tell me the cheat for doubling the coins

Added 26th Oct 2013, ID #316338

waste of time

Added 30th Apr 2013, ID #279033

Instead of risking your life for a few coins, I suggest risking your life on the mystery box. You can get the jackpot, which i$ $uper rare. Or other amounts which can be useful. You can collect trophies, unlock Fresh, Tricky, Spike, and Ytasumi, get keys, get hoverboards, and get headstarts, too. Mystery boxes can be scattered around the track every few matches, or can be bought with 500$ a piece and used immediately. I wouldn't buy them though; who knows? You could get something you don't want like Fresh's Boombox instead of Tricky's Hat.

Added 16th Apr 2013, ID #274714

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