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Do not recommend Added 22 Dec 2004, ID #12162
I have been dying to play this game for a few months now. I have seen a preview of it on TV and it looked like it would be the best game in the world. Please do not take my word for it, because it seems like many people do like this game, but I don't RECOMMEND this game. I would just stick with Need For Speed Underground or if you have not already bought it, buy it and not buy SRS. I feel it is a waste of money. It has 'okay' graphics.. the background looks somewhat graphical but the cars do not, and it does not even look like the car is moving when you drive it. This may sound wierd but all you see the the background moving towards you but it looks like the car is staying in the same spot. Also, when you accellerate to high speeds it looks fake. For instance, 100 MPH looks like 40-50 MPH from what you would see if you were really driving.

Again, please do not keep yourself from buying this because of this review. Others seem to like it so maybe you will too. But I personally do not like it, I think that it is a waste of money and the previews make the game look alot better than it really is. Thanks,

~ R i c k y ~ :-D and get
STREET RACING SYNDICATE Added 2 Sep 2004, ID #10712
This game is simular to "Need For Speed Underground" but has better quallity adventures "ITS A MUST HAVE" game if you like street racing games.
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