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Game reviews for State of Emergency

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State of Emergency

Game Reviews for State of Emergency


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Sick and EVIL Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #5832
The Good

hundreds of people will fill the screen
lots of weapons
hand-to-hand fighting moves
it looks cool

The Bad

Not many people to play
it can became hard

7/10 Sadly the X-box version is better
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
it sucks Added 21 Sep 2003, ID #4231
played it beat it hated it this game would be cool if it wasnt almost exactly like GTA and i was running through a lvl when a stupid cop came up punched me and decapitaded me ouch for all those gamers out there that like gore game this is the game for you but im telling you it isnt that good of a game
Bryan Farias Added 4 Sep 2003, ID #4123
State of emergency is a real cool game but of course in order to buy it you need an i.d.

The game is cool is about ganster missions and they give you weapons I past it by cheats but if you think you are good try not passing it with cheats.

The missions are about jacking and killing so if you like action thats one of the best game so get it all about bryan farias....
ID #3084

Although i,ve completed it twice,state of emergency is my favorite game on ps2

right now.

It's an amazing game and you can take peoples arms and heads to use as weapons!!

See ya!!

ID #3083

I think State of Emergency is almost a little bit better than other games such as GTA 3. But if you enjoy blood, guts,and good graphics, then this is the kick ass game for you.Rent it today!


ps- rockstar games, knows whats up mang!!

ID #3082
A very violent game, that wasn't actually going to be released.

U can see why but i recemend it, it is a great game with good graphics.

Each person u can choose from has their own fighting style and their own way of holding weapons.

There are different types of modes which keeps the intrest level a little higher but the missions do not really vairy that much and u find urself doing the same kind of thing each mission.

Chaos mode is good for just killing and maming everything.

STARS(out of ten):*******

WORTH BUYING?: yes if u like violent games, NOT for the lil'eez!


God out.

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