Imperial Felucia - Welcome to the Jungle - Boss: Bull Rancor / M

You’re now fighting Maris in a rather cramped space, which of course SEEMS to work well for her, but you’ll find it works better for you. Maris has the ability to turn invisible. This ability is not complete, however, as you can see when she first disappears and you can lock on to her just before she appears.

Her general attacks consists of appearing behind you, using a combo that knocks you down, then throwing her sabers at you a couple times before disappearing again. Any use of Force powers on your part will result in her blocking, then following with Push and a Saber Throw.

The trick to this fight is when she disappears, starts a Sith Saber Slam. Try to guess where she is going to appear, or better yet be in a corner where there is really only one way she can come from. On the final stroke, you slam your Lightsaber and shock the ground. This will knock her out of invisibly and stun her long enough to get at least one more combo in.

360: X, A, B, X, X
PS3: [], X, O, [], []
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Yeah that was too easy even for everyone

Added 22nd Aug 2013, ID #5500

that boss battle was too easy

Added 30th Oct 2010, ID #841

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