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1068 MasterMilotic 23rd Mar 2009 68% Read Review
1144 PhilXZ 18th Jul 2009 72% Read Review
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Star Wars Force Unleashed Review Added 4 Apr 2009, ID #2779
After you've picked a passing play press the A button on the Wiimote to go to Pick Your Route. Select somewhere in the middle of the field for your first WR's route. Keep clicking in that same exact area so that all of your other WR'S all have to run to that spot. Once you snap the ball and start the play the receivers all have to run to that spot you picked. This will confuse the defence enough so that you can pass the ball to a teammate and they will most likely run it for a touchdown. WARNING: I have found that sometimes this cheat can lead to interceptions after you've done this cheat on a play several times in a row. DO NOT use this cheat while playing a friend or using Wi-Fi because then the person will know what you are doing and they will most likely intercept it.

-Have a ton of fun! Peanut butter ownage. and get
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