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tgf24th Jun 2005, ID #94
When I bought this game, I was pretty sure it was going to be a really fun game to spend hours just hooked on it...like I was. This, I would say, is the best Star wars first person shooter I've ever..

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Added 22 Jul 2005, ID #4191
This game would probably (in my opinion) be the best first person star wars shooter in the history of gaming. This game has multiple things you can do during the chapters that are Geonosis, then a attacked republic assault ship, and then the wookiee planet Kashyyk. Some of the things you can do are: plant detonaters, shoot seperatist\'s heads off, melee enemies with the blade that comes out of your forearm, etc. I would reccomend this game to anyone who is a fan of star wars, the military, clone troopers, and a good long video game. I would give Star wars Republic Commando, a 9 out of 10
Best Star Wars game EVER Added 18 Mar 2005, ID #3340
Star Wars: Republic Commando is the best star wars game ever made. (and ive played nearly all of them) It's the best first-person-shooter i've played (since halo and halo 2) Lucas Arts definatly got this game right. The combat is very realistic and its like playing in the movies. its much better than most star wars games because you are an elite clone truper unstead of a stuck up Jedi Knight. you battle on three diferent worlds including the Kyyyshik (the wookie world from episode III The revenge of the sith) I would recomend buying this game or even playing this game even if you do not like star wars games. 5 stars!!!!!!!
It's a hit with me Added 1 Mar 2005, ID #3190
I personally have a high standard to first person shooters. From the first waves of Doom and Wolfenstein I have been playing these titles since the very begining.

I never got caught up in the Socom or any other military squad based games, simply they did not interest me at all.

At first I was not sure on this games take on the squad based genre, or even how this genre even functioned. I tried the demo and was not thrilled or amazed by the gameplay. That all changed once I bought the game.

The story takes you into the end of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. You start off by yourself and have to find your squad members. The graphics are life-like and give the feeling of being at these space world scenes.

One cool thing is having alien blood splatter on your helmet which temporary impaires your vision. You control the squad with four different commands plus your sqaud-mates abilities.

The only problems I have with the game I think is that it is hard to judge how much life your squad has and how to recharge them. Maybe I'm overloooking something.

As with all my reviews rent the game before you but it. If you like Doom and other First Person Shooters you should enjoy this game as much as I do.
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