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Not another crap Star Wars game wait.... this is God! Added 5 Feb 2004, ID #11167
Lots of people have their doubts about star wars games. But me as a star wars fan think their brilliant.

Rogue Squadron is one of the best although the on-foot missions are not how you say......up to scratch.

In the Phantom Menace you start off in the Trade Fedaration`s ship to reason with them to stop the blockade of Naboo but alass they plan to kill you along with your jedi teacher Qui-Gon Jin.

This level has to be my favourite as its quite easy but extremely enjoyable. I wont give away the story but you probably have seen the movie (great work George) but its old now.

Well it's a thumbs up from me and a goodnight from judy.

PS. Must buy, it's just one of those games you need. and get
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