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168 gamefan06 24th Aug 2005 86% Read Review
324 Kenny 2x4 29th May 2006 92% Read Review
1151 dragonx254 5th Aug 2009 66% Read Review

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I think star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith is a good game to play because you learn new moves and upgrad you the non stop action.and moves from the film. You can it's 3d as well


No thumbs

Added 4 Nov 2008, ID #31136, by Josh Reed and get

This game was decent. I have to say that the Battlefront Series is much better.

Graphics 5/10: Quite poor for a 2005 game.
Sound 4/10: I love the song in the first and the last part of the last boss. The rest of the songs are crappy.
Gameplay 7/10: Its awsome the way you get to kill people wtih lighsabers. You can maim some people.
Multiplayer 9/10: I just love the multiplayer. I can't get enough of it.
Lastability 5/10: This game won't last unless you have a sibling or friend to play against, which I do.
Extras 7/10: Its pretty cool that you can watch clips from the movie.
Difficulty 3/10: The game is way too easy.
Overall 6/10: This game failed to meet my expectations but ifmyou like swords, get a friend and play against them.


No thumbs

Added 31 Oct 2007, ID #28145, by Da Mario Man
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