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If you like startrek youll love this game.Id personly give it a 7/10.The reasons for the los of points are/

1.The end level was perfertic i think when they were making this game they decided to rush though the end of it.All that excitment i had during the game had flushed down the toilet as soon as i relised that i had to kill a big alien at the end how typicall.

I really thought that this game would have a great ending.

2.when your fighting with the enermy the graphics slow down and it becomes verry anoying after a while/ Espeshully if you have to dispretly collect energy halfway though a fight.

Other than those reasons the game was good/The characters were lifelike to the characters from voyerger and the game had that feel as if you were really on the USS VOYERGER.
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