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SSX On Tour Added 17 Dec 2005, ID #18692
This is one of the better games out there for the snowboarding genre.
It is\'nt better than SSX3, but isn\'t far from it.
It is now so hard to fill your boost bar, making tricks a neccesity in races.
You can create a snowboarder, or a skiier this time around, and create everything from their hair to their eyes, to how big their fingernails are.
Graphics:7/10 Look a bit rough in some places.
Sound: 10/10 A kicking soundtrack
Lastability: Should keep you entertained for a few months.
Overall: 8/10
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Added 17 Feb 2006, ID #5367
Yo dudes,I've got some rad cheats so listen up:

To walk through walls and fly: Press select during any time of gameplay. Hold down R1,L1 and L2 and square. Then press left.

To be completely invicible: Press select during any time of gameplay. Hold down all shoulder bottons and square.Then press left.

To reload all weapons:Press select during any time of gameplay. Hold down R1 and square.

Then press left. Attention! This cheat will take away some of your weapons and give you the weapons from the first level.

I don't suggest you use this cheat during the higher levels
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