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SSX 3 Added 25 Mar 2006, ID #20236
SSX has a habit of being fast, exciting, arcadish, fun and simple amazing. Well, expect nothing different with the 3rd edition of Sony\'s best ever extreme sports game. The game itself consists of many characters working their way up a testing mountain of snow. There are a few different types of modes. There is a race mode, trcik mode and time trials. race mode involves racing down the mountain against 5 others, and trying to defeat the others. Trick mode is basically to pull off as much tricks as possible, and the aim is to beat other scores.

This game is great, if you like extreme sports or not.

9.6/10 and get
Best Game Ever??? Added 6 Mar 2005, ID #13432
This game is AWESOME. I hired it 3 times and bought it.
Graphics: 10/10 Sleek and smooth.
Sound: 8/10 Great environmental sounds, such as birds, and when you're in the city, cars honking their horns.
Soundtrack: 9/10 Great music from The Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D, Fatboy Slim, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the list goes on.
Speech: 10/10 Excellent speech between the characters in races, Especially from Mac Fraser.
Overall: 37/40 A must have for any gamer, serious or not. Great job EA.
COOL! Added 25 Dec 2004, ID #12205
This is one of the best games on PS2. Really it is so much more better then tricky and there is alot more to do this time.The graphics are great and the controls feel wicked. Too bad there are no plans to make a sequel. Brilliant Game!
What does SSX stand for? Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #5847
I'm not in the mood to blabber on how good this game, why not.

The graphics are super-fast, the music back to that later, it plays better than a monkey's arse on Nirvana, and is uber cool.

The boarders can often make annoying comments, but their selection of unlockable outfits (which are undeniably hip) really spice them up. Let's go back to basics. The game, seeking innovation, throws you on a big mountain with three peaks.

You start on the lowest peak, freeriding, looking for races, Slope Styles (Trick tournaments) and BIG challenges. Winning these gives you more cash which can be used to purchase new outfits, accesories, boards, and absolute tonnes of bonus material, which includes new boarders, photographs, action figures and art.

Win enough races and you'll go on to the next peak. It's possible to go from the top to bottom-a challenge that will take an experienced player about 30 mins to complete.

The game's flaws? Its poorly mixed tracks, which are very poor compared to the superior sounding SSX Tricky and its restricted, difficult BIG challenges. But, however, is the definite extreme sports game-joint first with Tony Hawk's Underground.
Graphics: Absolutely superb. Enough said. 95%

Sound: Good commentary and voices, some extremely annoying songs that make you want to mute the television. 69%
Gameplay: One notch away from perfection 96%
Lifespan: Minor flaws could shorten overall experience 87%
Overall: A great Extreme game. EA BIG is going from brilliant to better. 89%
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