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ID #7238

I am such a big fan of s,t,d a cant keep my head away fom it.

The graphics are totaly out of this world, there are more challenges to do and are easier to do aswell.

ID #7236

A great game, but not quite as good as the first two in my opinion - the creators have worn out some of their creativity.

ID #7234

A wonderful game.My favorite game of 2000! Everyone should buy or at least rent it.

ID #7232

This is my first review of a game.

I'd give it an 8/10. If you wanted to purch-

ase this game, I'd recommend that you

purchase Spyro one or two because it is

far more fun and there is alot more to


See ya.

ID #7230

I think that out of all the Spyro games, this one is the best.

It has got new things that I'm sure not too many people would have thought of, such as new playable charactors, skate parks, etc...

I hope that there will be a new Spyro game for Playstation out soon! Ever since I bought the first game, I was hooked. Spyro rocks!

ID #7228

This game rocks! I play it every day for an hour and a half! I like it so much that I hope that the company makes a Spyro 4.

Like Spyro 2, I hope that at the end of the game Spyro will get a reward, unlimited flying! But, that may not happen. Anyway, if you haven't played this game, at least rent it! It's the best!

P.S. My favorite part of the game is skateboarding. You probably don't beleive me, but I got a record of 31,000.

ID #7226

spyro 3 is great!!!!! because some chalenges are easy(for beginers unlike me) and hard chalenges(for professinalslike me of corse!!).

When I was bad at a few I kept on practicing (it sharpened my co-ordanation!) so I got beter at ones that I did'nt even practice!

which is why it is good that spyro#3 has hard challenges!!!!!!!!

ID #7224

This game is a 10/10!I reccomend that you buy it.It's better game than 1 or 2,and 10 times the fun of both each.

It's a hard game that makes you want to jump out and cry "I win!9 months of playing and I finally won!"(I only beat it in 30 days).

OK.Maybe its not that exiciting.Ok,better graphics,longer game time, really addicting, hard and challenging etc.

It's a sweet game and it's worth wasting time on it for your favourite shows.It's the best game i've played.

I admit it, i'm about an inch from being addicted 2 it.

ID #7222

I'd say 10/10, I love the fact that u can play as different chracters and the sk8boarding is fun 2. Even though I'm no good at it, I still had a 16,143 record against my expert friends 15,000

ID #7220
This game deserves 9/10!I am addicted to it!The only reason I did not give it 10/10 is because once you have rescued the charachters in the level,you cannot rescue them again.(Let alone,even TALK to them)Other than that,the game is super and I can't wait for Spyro 4!!!

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