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roadkillman99723rd Jul 2010, ID #1254
Here is my reveiw for Spyro 2 Ripto' Rage, wich is the best spyro game in my opinion. This will include Graphics, sound etc... You should defienlt play this game if your looking for older style spyr..

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Ace game! Added 17 Nov 2003, ID #10744
I think Spyro 2 is pretty good, it's not as good as Spyro 3 but is a LOT better than the first game, I can't get past Crush which is annoying me but apart from that I give it ***** (5*s) and get
ID #7018
I think that Spyro 2 is an apsolutely brilliant game and deserves a perfect '10'!!!

ID #7017

This game is awesome. It has outstanding graphics. It has more adventures than the first one. If you don't have this game get it!!!! It is worth buying a playstation just for this game.

ID #7016

I think that Spyro 2 was a great game. In this game, Spyro has more moves( he can even swim! ) and a great new voice done by Tom Kenny. Spyro 2 has an awesome storyline and charachters.

Moneybags is my 2nd favorite charachter and Spyro is my 1st. There are some skill points that you can earn, too. I will give this game ***** ( 5 stars )!!! I can not wait for Spyro 3 to come out!!!

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