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1044 ChrisMaclean 28th Jan 2009 66% Read Review
1262 Gontxven 2nd Aug 2010 90% Read Review
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What's so Dark About The Brotherhood? Added 18 Jun 2011, ID #15841
Sonic is back in his first RPG game and on the Nintendo DS. Sonic and his freinds have finally defeated Eggman after all of these years. Sonic decides to go on a long, relaxing vacation. Everyone in the group goes their own seperate ways. Months later Tails contacts Sonic saying that the chaos emeralds were stolen. Sonic goes to find Tails and meeets up with Amy on the way there. Tails explains that Knuckles was kidnapped by a new team of evildoers called the Marauders that can transport through space. New Eggman technology is also popping up all over the place. It seems like Eggman isn't dead after all. You can get many characters to help you, items to boost your stats, and a good storyline. This game scores an 8.5 out of 10 and get
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Added 31 Jan 2009, ID #10197
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is an RPG game.The main charter is SONIC THE HDGEHOG.Other charters are:Knuckles The Echidna,Tails, Amy Rose, Rouge The Bat,Big The Cat, Shadow The Hedgehog,Eggman,Shade,Cream.In this game you fight against Maruders.Their leader is Shade.At start she is evil but in the end she will help you.Main villan in Imperator Ix.Good luck play.By SidaDragon.
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