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Good try. Added 24 May 2004, ID #791
I say to this game good try but not that good I've gotta admit the levels you play with tails and robotnik are crap.

graphics:the graphics are good for dreamcast graphics not a bad try by sonic team.7.5/10.

gameplay:the gameplay is good with the sonic levels but with the other levels there honestly crap.4.5/10.

sound:the sound is really good with soundtracks that will get stuck in your head.8.5/10.

alltogether ide give this a definete 69% out of 100% like ive said a good try but not good enough by the sonic team.

Maybe there games to come will be better and alot more improved
especially the tails and robotnik levels. and get
ID #543

There is one bad thing about Sonic Adventure: ITS TOO SHORT!

grapics: 9/10: This is one sharp baby! you can run around at top speed forever without

slowdown. The one prob is with the mouths. They look more like they are just moving more than talking.

voices: 10/10: The voices are fitting for each character, and are

never unhearable. Plus, you can have the voices to japanese and

the text to english to learn a little japanese!

music: 9/10: The music is never dull. Its always lively, like in the battle of Super Sonic vs Perfect Chaos

its loud and quite fitting. the only bad song is in Amy's ending, and it not THAT bad.

Gameplay: 9/10: The character always goes the way the joystick is moved

the one thing is that you might accadently hit the d-pad and move

the camera by accadent before moving cauing a few cheap deaths.

replay value: 5/10: The game is only compelling the first time through

the only reason to go back is to collect the emblems.

overall: 43/50

grade: B

ID #542

This game is fun and has graphics that are better than the graphics of Mario 64! Sonic Adventure provides Crash Bandicoot kinda play but with loops, bosses with weak spots, and a BIG QUEST (after all, it's called Sonic Adventure for a reason).



Lip Movement:79/100


I give this game a 100/100

ID #541

The Graphics


The graphics of this game are mind blowing!!!!!!! I actually feel like i am there!!!

The Sounds


The sounds always have a beat to them, and they all have a story

The Story


This actually plays a t.v. show, with a plot, setting, and Characters.

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