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Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough and Guide

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Bottles - Forty Thieves

Collecting all the bottles per episode will unlock the episode's safe. The locations listed below are found in no particular order. Each location also has it's corresponding spot on the map so refer to the map, descriptions and pictures below.

Safe: A short walk southeast of the hideout.
Reward: The Guru's Staff Piece

#1. On the arc east of the safe.
#2. On top of roof, second building northeast of the safe
03-07 3. On a wooden pole on the rooftop of a building northeast of the palace 4. Along the rope beside the elephant statue, north of the palace 5. On the top of the elephant statue 6. On top of the tower north of the palace 7. Along the rope crossing the waterfall

Middle East Bottle Collection 1

08-14 8. On the rooftop of the building with a camel signage, north of the hideout 9. On the arch north of the building where #8 is found 10. On top of a wooden pole on the river, north of the hideout 11. On the stone platforms of the river, east of #10 12. On the rooftop of the tower southeast of the three stone platforms in the river 13. Along the rope, just beside #12 14. On top of a springy shop cover, north three river stone platforms

Middle East Bottle Collection 2

15-18: 15. Northeast portion of the map, in the eastern waterfall, on top of a rock 16. On top of the rope, northeast waterfall 17. On the rooftop of the house in the western plaza 18. Along the rope, east of the ship docked in the northwest corner of the map

Middle East Bottle Collection 3

19. Under the bridge to the middle-east
20. On top of a pole beside a water fall, along the eastern river
21. Within the arch of the bridge in the middle of the map
22. On top of a springy cloth northwest of the map
23. On top of the arch in the western plaza
24. On top of the boat where Salem lives before. You need to use the springy cloth nearby to jump high then paraglide to the top of the boat.

Middle East Bottle Collection 4

25-26: This are reachable by using the zipline on top of the tower in the northwest plaza. You need the thief costume to climb the pole with snake basket then jump while you're ziplining to reach these bottles.

Middle East Bottle Collection 5

27. On a springy pole, near a statue with a treasure to the middle-eastern portion of the map
28. To reach this bottle which sits on top of a small tower, you have to first climb the high tower east of the western plaza. Slow down time as you climb the chains then switch to the default costume and use the zipline. Time your jump from the zipline to reach the bottle.

Requires: Thief Costume

Middle East Bottle Collection 6

29-30: 29. Floating above some springy cushions, northwest corner at the back of the northern HQ 30. On top of the ropes; accessible only by using the slow time ability of the Thief Costume. Climb the snake basket pole northeast of the HQ to reach it.

Middle East Bottle Collection 7




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