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Added 8 Nov 2006, ID #10089
I think SimCity 3000 is not a good game because all you do is just build a city and look after the money. When I first got the I got bored of it in ten minutes. The graphics are poor and the music is bad. The disasters are good but there could of been more of them and the landmarks are quite good. As I am finishing with this review, I will give this game the thumbs down and a score of three out of 10.
SimCity 3000 Added 15 Aug 2006, ID #9296
This is a great game for people who love the sims. If you have never played the sims then you still might love this game. When you first play the game it can at first seem very complicated and very hard. You first couple of cities might fail. However once you get used to it and you know what you are doing this game is so much fun and after a while it becomes much easier. The graphics are geat and there is so much to do and so much to build. You have a large area to build on and there are some good cheats if you need them, but you shouldn\'t need them. Cool music and also the option to cause mass destruction on your city such as fire, whirlpool etc. A game that you can play for hours on end.
Review for Sim City 3000 Added 27 Oct 2004, ID #5425
A great game if you want to build a city.

Review Score 85/100
Good! Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #5107
This game has very good graphics, excellent music but not good without cheat codes.

Without cheats this game would be very difficult and then boring. 7/10
Review Added 14 Aug 2003, ID #3342
Adventure 85/100
Sound 85/100
Graphics 100/100
OVERALL 90/100
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