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Shallo Hal Wants A Gal Added 27 Dec 2004, ID #226
Hal, played by Jack Black brings a certain element to this film that I think no other comic actor can do.

The film starts of a bit slow but along the way it has as many laughs as it does funny scenes.

For instances a certain scene you've probably enjoyed watching countless times I know I have, Hal's dance with the lovely ladies.

Thinking that his scored magor big time Hal dances with what he thinks are truly beautifull women but as an ilusion cast over him he see's the inner beauty of everyone but to his friend his lost it big time.

Overall Rating 8/10 and get
Review for Shallow Hal Added 5 Dec 2004, ID #216
A great comedy, worth buying if you want a good laugh!

Review Score: 82/100
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