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manicgo5432119th Dec 2005, ID #233
I'm going to review Shadow the Hedgehog, heres I what I think: This game is called Shadow the Hedgehog, the game after Sonic and friends defeat Metal Sonic: the evil Black Doom asks you to join h..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review
craigsydenham26th Jan 2006, ID #259
Shadow's suddenly the hero or is he still very evil. Lets face it he's just made a whopping good game he's shotting guns a wicked way of method. The levels see you doing missions very good and they ..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review
Dingo_Dile3rd Mar 2006, ID #278
Shadow the Hedgehog... Probably one of THE most famous and liked Sonic characters to exist. The uproar of the new game caused a lot of chaos amongst the fanbase as Shadow fans rejoiced and Shadow ha..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review
Callumthewallum12th Apr 2006, ID #294
I must firstly say that I think shadow the hedgehog wasn't incredible and sonic team could of done better. This game is based on the continuing story of shadow (who first apeared in sonic adventure ..

Rating: 68%Read Full Review
cubegamer4u19th Apr 2006, ID #303
"Some fifty years ago, this "Ultamite Life Form" was the result of the army's secret research. With no records of what transpired, his true character is shrouded in darkness and even his own memory ..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review
Nevasofteyeball12th Jun 2006, ID #331
This game can't be beaten I bet it was bestseller for months and months it will even knock san andreas of the top in my opinion ..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
sonic199516th Jul 2006, ID #359
"The greatest series ever makes the greatest game ever."" I've been playing the game for a while and have to say it rock.It has great sound,graphics and gamplay.It did get ride of the main idea o..

Rating: 72%Read Full Review
Fazza24718th Jan 2012, ID #1393
SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!!!Shadow the hedgehog is a game of courage,strategy and brains!Shadow is determined to find out about his past!Who will you think of as a friend? What lines will you cross? And ..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review

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