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A great game Added 20 Jul 2008, ID #6278
With 20 different tracks to shose from and 26 unlockable cars this game is still fun when you beat it. My friend and I end up playing this for hours. I don't know what makes this game so much fun. The best part about it is unlocking the special cars. Sence this was made buy namco and namco made pac man and other games like that you can actually unlock one of the ghosts from pac man. You can also unlock a pooka which is from the game dig dug. It took me 25 hours of playing to beat this game and that was after my other save got deleted and I had almost beat it. It took me 25 hours and I was an expert at the game. That is what makes this game so much fun is that you have to put some effort into beating it. That is all. and get
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