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ID #1954

Escape the dungeon by any means nessecary... or die.

This is a superb game for anybody who loves blood and gore. Shoot down anything from soldier to zombie... and maybe even an X-creature... the best first-person shooter in history!!!

P.S. were wolves NEVER lie and get
ID #1953

Blood, gore, everything is on this brill game. The creators don't hold anything back. The first few levels are a whole game in themselves.

But then the zombies came.

Now you are in a game like no other; magic, devilry and myth are immense, with a heavy brew of mystery...

And of course...

Death is imminent.

ID #1952
This game grabs you with high quality graphics and realistic sounds for weapons. I especially like this single player version right now. I don't have BroadBand right now so it's alot eaiser to play the single player version. The story is intersting enough to keep you playing. An the AI is excellent.

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