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1071 Volke 26th Mar 2009 90% Read Review
1072 Volke 26th Mar 2009 90% Read Review
1084 poleio 10th Apr 2009 92% Read Review
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Basic Review Added 12 Feb 2010, ID #5467
I have to say that this is a really enjoyable game and worth playing more than once. However I still wish Capcom would of kept the scariness to the Resident Evil series. It's more of a action/survival genre. Nonetheless there are still new things that will make the player feel on edge, especially where there is no pausing when choosing items in the inventory. So that's one of the biggest rushes, otherwise it's in the morning and there still isn't any zombies. Instead the people are infected with a parasite(similar to Resident Evil 4) and use weapons to attack. To some up this latest game of the Resident Evil series is that I really loved it but if you're looking for a thrill then this isn't for you. and get
Resident Evil 5 Review Added 6 Aug 2009, ID #4807
Reident Evil 5 is the latest installment in Capcom's Resident Evil series. It follows the same pattern ad Resident Evil 4 where the enemies are not "Zombies" but instead humans infected with a parasite. This make them more quicker and smarter than the zombies in the earlier games. This means they will dode your aim and manuver to try and catch you off guard. The enemies can also use weapons like in Resident Evil 4 and will throw things like Molatov Cocktails and fire crossbows at you. Umberella of course still has a presence in the game, not like in earlier games though. As in Resident Evil 4 Albert Wesker is running things behind the scenes, however he does play a bigger role in Resident Evil 5. Of course even though the T-virus is not present there are still lots of huge monsterous bosses to gight. The biggest difference in this game is that you have a partner and can play in Co-operative both online and offline. Your partner is another agent and is with you in every mission. You will need to help your partner when her health falls low and she will help you too if you give her some healing items to hold. You will also need to keep your partner supplied with weapons and ammo if she falls low, however if you are playing co-operatively this is less of a problem. Thhe graphics are hugely improved in Resident Evil 5 especially when veiwed on a HD tv. There is also a downloadble online multiplayer mode however it is extra money for something that should have been included in the game from the start. Overall I would give Resident Evil 5 9/10 it is the best in the series yet by all accounts.
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