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212 Andy Bo Selecta 23rd Nov 2005 92% Read Review
225 smoke_is_dead 3rd Dec 2005 100% Read Review
256 BINGIEBANGIE 26th Jan 2006 92% Read Review
529 John Woodman 3rd Feb 2007 98% Read Review
773 djcoldkill 11th Jan 2008 100% Read Review
875 u_got_gamed 2nd Jun 2008 84% Read Review
1080 Hitman Code47 7th Apr 2009 92% Read Review
1083 prince vegeta 8th Apr 2009 96% Read Review
1167 lost dude 4th Sep 2009 100% Read Review
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best game ever made!! Added 15 Aug 2009, ID #8934
This is simply an outstanding game with fast paced action that will have you're heart racing I give this game a 10 out of 10 simply the best graphics for a gamecube game and there is plenty to do once you have beaten the game once so you won't get bored with this game the sound puts a nice touch on the game that will send chills down you're spine a must buy they game is truly the best game created have fun playing resident evil 4!! and get
Best Game Ever! Added 23 Dec 2008, ID #8712
Best Resident Evil game in the series and best Game Cube game ever! You can't top this. I've played through this game 12 times and found no flaws ever. I could play this game all day. I don't know how anthing could be better! Capcom is awesome!
I love this game! Added 25 Apr 2005, ID #3762
Some RE fans have complained about changes to the series that this game had made. Personally, I think theyíre nuts. The good elements in this game FAR outweigh any little things you might miss. This game has gotten rid of every single thing that people used to complain about: Bad Camera Angles, Annoying Controls, Terrible Voice Acting, and the ďmagicalĒ item boxes which, though helpful, didnít make sense in a series that for the most part goes for reality.

One minor issue I have with the game is that we didnít really learn anything new as far as whatís going on with the main story. We learned what Leonís been doing, and that thereís a new parasite going around. I would have liked at least a mention of another RE character, like Chris or Claire (who we know heís been in contact with) but oh well. Also, what is with the additional costumes for women in RE games nearly always being a skimpy outfit? Its one thing when its Jill or Rebecca, who are at least of legal age, but seeing 16 year old Ashley in some small cowboy outfit borders on the pedophilic. I wish the game makers would try something different, like Jillís Sarah Connor outfit in RE1, but itís unlikely.
Added 21 Feb 2005, ID #3305
When you beat the game they give you two bonus games....

1-Assingment Ada
2-The Mercenaries
They also give you infinite launcher for 1000000 ptas.
A rare gun called matilda.
And if you beat assingment ada you will get the Chicago Typewriter it's like a tmp but with bigger bullet they are .45 magnum bullets.

It's infinite too.

The thing I haven't unlocked yet is the 9mm handgun silencer..
BEST GAME EVER!!!! Added 17 Jan 2005, ID #3111
People, this is the best game ever!
And its scary!!
However I give this game a big fat 10 out of 10
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