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Well. One of the best PS2 games. Rayman 2 is an awesome Action/ Adventure game. I think its the best game for PS2 yet. The story line is Pirates are taking prisoners. They find Rayman and throw him in a cage with his friend Globox. What the creater put in the game was very interesting. The characters Actually talk. Rayman, Globox, Every single character. I made a grading Chart.

Graphics: 9.5 Very Very Beautiful graphics I have never ever seen better. The Graphics are defiently a big part in a final grade

Concept: 9.1 Its a good idea they made a new Rayman game but they make too much. Its good that its a bit different but theres a rayman for playstation,nitendo64,PS2, Dreamcast, Gameboy. Alot huh.

Entertainment 9.3 A very fun game (IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED RAYMAN). I think this Rayman is the best yet. It gets boring when the game loads

Control 9.6 The game has fine control. The only bad thing is you cant use the Control pad. Other than that the game is perfect.


+ Good Graphics

+ controls are supperb

+ cool 2 player minigames

+ New areas that arent in the other games.

+ Good sound

+ cool new voices

- sometimes the voices get too soft

- No control pad

- You have to Buy Items

Suggestion: BUT IT and get
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