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Easy Azazel - Tekken 6

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Easy Azazel cheat for Tekken 6


Easy Azazel

You can easily defeat Azazel by learning this 2 things
-Memorize a 3 hit combo
-Learn a special attack that cannot be blocked by enemies
Sometimes this things won't work but trust me this will help.

Added by: Callo, Xavier Dec 17th 2009, ID#3166


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Jan 12th 2015 Guest
how can I get 1000 wins in tekken 6
ID #500327
Sep 25th 2014 Guest
i defeat azazel with kazuya and paul

ID #451504
May 30th 2014 Guest
thnk you for giving choice of nina
ID #390951
Feb 15th 2014 BladeofMaster
i DEFEAT Azazel using this ultimate characters.lee,jin,law,baek,xiayou,bryan,lili and devil jin
ID #355151
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
ID #306489
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
i defeat azazel by throwing my psp out my condo from 31st floor to the ground! smashed!
ID #300474
May 13th 2013 Guest
ID #282503
Apr 9th 2013 Guest
ID #272098
Mar 13th 2013 Guest
i defeat azazel using mokojin , devil jin , jin , asuka and yoshimitsu
ID #263323
Mar 1st 2013 Guest
i beat azazel using doraemon
ID #259696
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
i deafeat azazel with all characters 1 by one

ID #258736
Jan 27th 2013 Guest
i defeat azazel i use lily
ID #246849
Jan 5th 2013 Guest
i defaet azazel with ultra hard ones
ID #237466
Nov 22nd 2012 Guest
i defeat azaael character; paul jin kazama
ID #211109
Nov 5th 2012 Guest
i defeat azazel using roger.
ID #205511
Jul 21st 2012 Guest
he is nothing to beat THIs is easyer then ...............
ID #166948
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
I use easy level to deafet azzasel!!!

ID #150892
May 18th 2012 Guest
i defeat him using lee and lei
ID #143007
May 15th 2012 johnrussel
kapag hindi ka sumagot eh shut down ko to
ID #142278
May 5th 2012 Guest
Ideafeat Azazel with all characters and then i perfect azazel using paul,jack6,baek,jin,kazuya,lili and specialy bob
ID #139469
May 4th 2012 Guest
i defeat azazel using jin kazama
ID #139209
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
ID #130555
Mar 29th 2012 Guest
i defeat azazel using alisa
ID #127427
Mar 13th 2012 Guest
i beat azazel using BOB !
ID #122638
Feb 12th 2012 Guest
i beat azazel by nobody
ID #114412
Jan 29th 2012 Guest
I defeat azazel by nina and lili easily
ID #110262
Jan 21st 2012 Guest
I defeated azazel using all characters
ID #107840
Jan 20th 2012 Guest
I defeat azazel using lee , hwoarang and lars
ID #107675
Dec 30th 2011 Guest
azazel lost because ay us bob
ID #100464
Dec 27th 2011 Guest
I kill azazel a yoshimitsu sword
ID #99149
Dec 19th 2011 Guest
i bit azazel of the kick of marshalaw
ID #96551
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
ID #95370
Dec 8th 2011 Guest
i just beat azazel on 10 characters this kuma,jin,kazuya,lars,alisa,hwoarang,steve,eddy,christieand heihachi thats all... just select on my characters and you will easy defeat Azazel

thank you...
ID #93474
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
azazel é pato com a lars.
¬¬ lars é o melhor char do game,so pra constar.
ID #82572
Sep 28th 2011 Guest
I can easily defeat azazel with law,he's the same as bruce lee
ID #77106
Aug 26th 2011 Guest
i win with azazel because I use mokujin
ID #70418
Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
I win with azazel because use jin
ID #69630
Aug 20th 2011 Guest
you can also use kazuya easy just keep on punching and the there is the ending (oh yeah just set it on 1 round)
ID #68804
Aug 17th 2011 Guest
it did not work liar
ID #67886
Aug 15th 2011 Guest
He is easy to beat with devil jin
ID #67316
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
i deafeat azazel using leo and lars
ID #64728
Jul 12th 2011 Guest
i easily defeated azazel with all character ;)
ID #57146
May 31st 2011 Avi0411
And actually I perfect Azazel using Alisa,Ganryu,Julia and Lars haha xD
ID #46039
May 31st 2011 Avi0411
Actually you can defeat Azazel by using Alisa but I prefer to master the moves of your character especially joggle moves/combos so you can easily defeat him.
ID #46038
May 24th 2011 Guest
kazuya mmmpp........ thats a great guy am i right?
ID #44674
May 8th 2011 Guest
Just set the difficulty to easy . I don't know if it works but I'm sure it will help. P.S. I used Law and Alisa. Easy as S**T.
ID #41959
May 2nd 2011 Pokemon God09
i was using Martial Law and hasn't defeat him yet please he;[ ,e
ID #41074
May 1st 2011 Guest
i just keep hitting and hitting it takes a couple tries but trust me youll beat him.....eventually
ID #40970
Apr 23rd 2011 Guest
just use alisa ,lili,devil jin, and leo
ID #39113
Apr 13th 2011 Guest
i perfect azazel using bruce ._,
ID #37195