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Map Card Uses cheat for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact


Map Card Uses

In the ultimate road, you will encounter various lumps of iron and rocks and un finished bridges and etc. Or sometimes you just need a price off of things to buy or change the difficulty to obtain a rare card piece. Well, I can't tell you when to get them, some one whos 1. Unlike me remembers to study every last detail to add cheats for you awesome people who need them or 2. Has enough time to actually go back and go through the whole story again (eh, neh) but I cn tell you what they do so if you don't see what they do in the first couple yor on, you can go back to what you already saw.

Sakura: Removes rocks to clear the route (rocks will be obvious in sight)
Yamato: Creates a bridge for a new route (these can lead you to treasure and what not)
Gaara: Removes sand to clear your route (these are not exactly obvious since they blend in with the background so watch yourself science or hard but they are circles so it's not rocket science or hard )
Suigetsu: The power of water clears dirt from the world map(these are almost invisible to you since it perfectly blends with the bacground but you'll always see that little grain of dirt spread out so you'll know
Jugo: Removes lumps of iron to clear your route.
Ino: If you use it near a bird, a "treasure" will appear in a certain area on the map.
Fukasaku & Shima: Use it when a frog is nearby, and you will be able to instantly transport to a certain place (to get back to the spot you were at, there is a circle with three balls floating around it, if you click X on it, you will go back. Sometimes these transpotations lead to others so make sur you get them all)
Sai: Make routes to allow passages (these are on of the "hidden" features of NUNI so I suggest you watch carefully. All you need do is find an end in the road or a piece that sticks out or sometimes u'll just have to walk around on every part you can to see where you can draw a line.)
Naruto: If you hold the Sasuke map card, the key to open the final gate (story), it's effect will be triggered.
Sasuke: If you hold the Naruto map card, the key to open the final gate (story), it's effect will be triggered.
Karin: Tells you how to unlock seals. (these seals usually lead to tresure or scrolls. The seals look like chamber doors and before this map card, it will say the mission you have to do again but it won't say what character to use it'll just say ??? So once you get this card it will say for example "Infiltrating the Hidden Cloud Character: Killer Bee")
Shikamaru: lets you see the rank (hardness) of missions before you start them.
Orochimaru: Each time you clear a mission, Treasures you've already opened will reappear throughout all chapters (note not all of them will reappear)
Tenten: Price of items in shops will sometimes drop up to 90% during purchase.
Shino: You will be able to find hidden numbers on world maps( for the locks to get to certain places."
Iruka: You will be able to choose "Easy" as a level of dificulty.
Kakashi: You will be able to choose "Hard" as a level of difficulty.
Jaraiya:You will be able to choose "Super Hard" as a level of difficulty.
Tht's it hope this helps

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