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Unlockables cheat for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



During gameplay enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Get $250,000:
Up, Down, Left, Right, X, X, L1, R1.

Unlock Armor:
Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square, L1, R1.

Cars Avoid You:
Up, Up, Right, Left, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square.

ALL Cars are Black:
L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Circle, Up, X.

Unlock Chrome Cars:
Right, Up, Left, Down, Triangle, Triangle, L1, R1.

Commit Suicide:
Right, Right, Circle, Circle, L1, R1, Down, X.

Destroy ALL Cars:
L1, R1, R1, Left, Right, Square, Down, R1.

Guys Follow You:
Right, L1, Down, L1, Circle, Up, L1, Square.

Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Circle, L1, R1.

Never Wanted:
Up, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Left, X, X.

Peds Attack You:
Down, Triangle, Up, X, L1, R1, L1, R1.

Peds Have Weapons:
UP, L1, Down, R1, Left, Circle, Right, Triangle.

Peds Riot:
R1, L1, L1, Down, Left, Circle, Down, L1.

Unlock Perfect Traction:
Down, Left, Up, L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X.

Raise Wanted Level:
Up, Right, Square, Square, Down, Left, Circle, Circle.

Unlock Faster Gameplay:
Left, Left, R1, R1, UP, Triangle, Down, X.

Unlock Faster Clock:
R1, L1, L1, Down, Up, X, Down, L1.

Unlock Slower Gameplay:
Left, Left, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Triangle, X.

Spawn Rhino:
UP, L1, Down, R1, Left, L1, Right, R1.

Spawn Trashmaster:
Down, Up, Right, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, Triangle.

Unlock Foggy Weather:
Left, Down, Triangle, X, Right, Up, Left, L1.

Unlock Overcast Weather:
Left, Down, L1, R1, Right, Up, Left, Square.

Unlock Rainy Weather:
Left, Down, L1, R1, Right, Up, Left, Triangle.

Unlock Clear Weather:
Left, Down, R1, L1, Right, Up, Left, X.

Unlock Sunny Weather:
Left, Down, R1, L1, Right, Up, Left, Circle.

Unlock 25% of MP Content:
Up, Up, Up, Square, Square, Triangle, R, L.

Unlock 50% of MP Content:
Up, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, X, L, R.

Unlock 75% of MP Content:
Up, Up, Up, X, X, Square, R, L.

Unlock 100% of MP Content:
Up, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, L, R.

Unlock Weapon Set 1:
Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Square, Left, Right.

Unlock Weapon Set 2:
Left, Right, Square, Up, Down, Triangle, Left, Right.

Unlock Weapon Set 3:
Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Left, Right.

Hidden Balloon Rewards:
Finding and popping the following amount of balloons will unlock the corresponding weapons at your safe house.

Unlock Pistol:
Find and pop 10 balloons

Unlock Scorpion (SMG):
Find and pop 20 balloons

Unlock Stubby Shotgun:
Find and pop 30 balloons

Added by: Sanzano Nov 6th 2006, ID#923 and get
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nice cheats but please ad some locations to find a helicopter and jet plane

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542066

please add a cheat helicopter and jet plane

Added 4th Apr 2015, ID #537549

Please I need a heli copter

Added 27th Mar 2015, ID #533594


Added 30th Jan 2015, ID #509176

How to cheat plane or helicopter

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506604

Please add helicopter and new cars cheats

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492804

whta helicopter cheat and fly car cheat

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491200

this was a eazy game

Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489294

Y'all suck

Added 9th Dec 2014, ID #482555

Maja nhi aya

Added 27th Nov 2014, ID #477041

how to helicopter cheast

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452345

cheats to attract a girl or make her sit in car!!..

Added 4th Sep 2014, ID #444312


Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443203

Lot of fun

Added 20th Aug 2014, ID #438411

[color=red][/color] hello how do you fly

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435227

Money cheat up, down, left, right, x, x, l1, r1

Added 8th Aug 2014, ID #433258

What is the cheats for flying car

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417598

Do you know the cheat for a boat or a jet ski

Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401615

i ligly touched a car with a tank it blew up

Added 29th May 2014, ID #390595

um how to open the secod island cheat is xxllraav

Added 20th May 2014, ID #386105

I need flying car cheat plz post it soon

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359558

i want helicopter cheat

Added 18th Feb 2014, ID #356317


Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348643

how can i open the new island?

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333843

I love circuit

Added 4th Feb 2013, ID #250139

the tank cheat is up,l down,r left,l right,r

Added 2nd Dec 2012, ID #214551

to make the police sceared put in this cheat Up, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Left, X, X

Added 6th Nov 2012, ID #206095

Hey everyone I know how to get to the second island without unlocking it. What u do is get a fast car and go on to the bridge untill u get to the gate. You need the perfect traction cheat u go around the semi circle and u go into the first house with the car. Go around the pool and drive as fast as u can in the middle of the tree and pole and when you're just about to hit the wall push down and try to land on the bridge p.s don't go on the water on the second iland or you'll find out

Added 24th Sep 2012, ID #188657

do you have cheats of car go on water
in psp

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188292

just be patient,to unlock a helicopter,you need first go to the next "island",and then,you will have a house there,like a Hotel,go to the roof top and then you will find a "lock" there,just step into it and you will have a helicopter cost $50000!!

Added 28th Aug 2012, ID #181074

For god sake, is anyone on these fourms joined super cheats? It says your all guests!

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162443

Ok i try doing the cheat codes and thay dident work on my psp. why?

Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #155995

rokstar game

Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #134403

i hope this works$$$$

Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #119029

up,L,down,R,left,L,right for tank

Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #115666

good it wewer works

Added 14th Jan 2012, ID #105875

It isn't working

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98653

how can i bet the game with out doing the missones

Added 7th Dec 2011, ID #93382

why isn't the cheats not working!!!!!!!?????

Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #89686

i need cheats

Added 29th Sep 2011, ID #77256

It's cool

Added 3rd Sep 2011, ID #72317

i cant get them!

Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #57981

there awesome

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57518


Added 29th Apr 2011, ID #40457

this is fun

Added 31st Jan 2011, ID #27559


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