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Fighting Styles - Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

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Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

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Fighting Styles cheat for Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover


Fighting Styles

Use the following list as a reference for the different fighting styles available in the game.

Crouching Tiger:
Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submissions

Hidden Dragon:
Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing

Streetbrawling Freak:
Submission, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

Martial arts, Martial arts, then Kickboxing

Martial arts, Submissions, then Submissions

Tang Lang Quan:
Martial arts, Martial arts, then Wrestling

Kung Fu:
Martial arts, Submissions, then Kickboxing

Martial arts, Martial arts, then Streetfighting

Mui Thia kick-boxing:
Kickboxing, Streetfighting, then Wrestling

Submission, Kickboxing, then Wrestling

Drunken Kung-Fu 1:
Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Wrestling

Drunken Kung Fu 2:
Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

Jeet Kune Do 1:
Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Submission

Kung Fu 1:
Martial Arts, Submission, then Kickboxing

Street Brawl 1:
Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing

Street Brawl 2:
Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Wrestling

Street Brawl 3:
Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Kickboxing

Street Brawl 4:
Martial Arts then Streetfighting

Street Brawl 5:
Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Streetfighting

Street Brawl 6:
Martial Arts then Kickboxing

Technical Freak:
Martial Arts then Submission

Tiger Claw 1:
Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submission

Tiger Claw 2:
Martial Arts, Submission, then Streetfighting

Added by: Sanzano May 7th 2010, ID#3388


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18 comments, latest first.
May 17th 2015 Guest
I know how to fight like redman
ID #557691
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
how can i put 2 martial stayles after each other?????guyz!
ID #491905
Nov 13th 2014 Guest
fukkk u
ID #471000
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
how do i fight like redman
ID #443040
Sep 27th 2015 Guest
ID #612039
Aug 16th 2014 Guest
What Learn Style Crazy Legs ?
ID #437357
Dec 6th 2015 Guest
Easy i just martial art 3 time than u use body size m
ID #631286
Mar 7th 2014 Guest
Does this work on psp as well
ID #361786
Nov 25th 2013 Guest
Somehow I don't think that these styles from the cheats are accurate. I attempted to do Jeet kune do and got drunken, I attempted muy thai and got something weird, same with hidden dragon and crouching tiger.
ID #322128
Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
Look I got it all fighting styles is the following?
Capoeira: Martial arts, Martial arts, Kickboxing
Jeet Kune Do: Martial arts, Submissions, Submissions
Tang Lang Quan:Martial arts, Martial arts, Wrestling
Kung Fu: Martial arts, Martial arts, Submission
Karate: Martial arts, Martial arts, Streetfighting
Drunken Kung Fu: Marital arts, Wrestling, Submission
Muy Thai Boxer: Martial arts, Kickboxing, Kickboxing

Thanks for this Tak Kwon Do style is Martial arts, Kickboxing, Wrestling

Where can I find Crazy Legs style?

What about Jiu Jitsu style for Combination?

Please don't be rude about my list of fighting styles?
ID #299338
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
how can i delete a style, i really wanted karate so bad...
please help me.... :(
ID #264774
Dec 24th 2012 Guest
How to put one more same style
ID #227797
Dec 8th 2012 Guest
what is crazy leg's fighting style??? anyone???
ID #216256
Aug 18th 2012 Guest
Hi Guyz!

How can I put 2 martial styles after each other?
Do I must reach a certain level to do that?
Cause after chosing martial, the icon transformed to grey so I cant chose it again....
Help me pls!
Thx in advance, see ya
ID #177549
Jul 18th 2012 nixy28
If I want those fighting styles do I have to choose styles as it is written over there? because I have first choosen streetfighting and than martial arts, so what should I choose now? Pleas answer me and sorry for bad English. )
ID #165594
Jun 16th 2012 Guest
to master jeet kune do in def jam the take over learn martial art first,submission then submission in any other way..'',
ID #153257
Apr 16th 2012 19cadmus88
I tried the style combination for the Jeet Kune Do, but what i got instead is Drunken Fist.
ID #133977
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
For Tae Kwon Do
Martial arts then kickboxing then wrestling
ID #64160