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Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Pack Shot

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Cheats for PSP

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Unlock Special PartsAdded 15 Jun 2011, ID #4006
Complete the following missions with the indicated aircraft and with an 'S' rank to unlock the corresponding part for purchase for that specific plane.

Unlock Earth Shaker Cockpit ($34,200):
Complete mission 03A with Apalis.

Unlock Sylph Wing Wing ($55,600):
Complete mission 01 with Cariburn.

Unlock Laser Extender Weapon ($69,800):
Complete mission 10A with Falken.

Unlock Diffusion Coat Armor ($49,600):
Complete mission 09A with Forneus.

Unlock Hydra Engine Engine ($51,600):
Complete mission 02 with Fregata.

Unlock Long Range MSSL Weapon ($45,100):
Complete mission 13A with X-02.

Unlock Scarface MBS Weapon ($76,500):
Complete mission 04B with XFA-27.

Avoiding Meson Cannon AttacksAdded 15 Jun 2011, ID #4001
It is possible to avoid the Meson Cannon attacks even if it has the MBSR by flying over 600 mph or lower than the buildings that have the cannon mounted on them.
UnlockablesAdded 10 Oct 2007, ID #1674
Unlock Ace Mode
If you want a challenge then beat Hard mode to unlock Ace mode.

Unlock Special Parts
When you get the required S-rank using specific original planes it is possible to unlock the following special parts for them.

Unlock Earth Shaker (Cockpit) $34,200:
Get an S-rank mission 03A with Apalis.

Unlock Long Range MSSL (Weapon) $45,100:
Get an S-rank mission 13A with X-02.

Unlock Diffusion Coat (Armor) $49,600:
Get an S-rank mission 09A with Forneus.

Unlock Hydra Engine (Engine) $51,600:
Get an S-rank mission 02 with Fregata.

Unlock Sylph Wing (Wing) $55,600:
Get an S-rank mission 01 with Cariburn.

Unlock Laser Extender (Weapon) $69,800:
Get an S-rank mission 10A with Falken.

Unlock Scarface MBS (Weapon) $76,500:
Get an S-rank mission 04B with XFA-27.
Unlock MedalsAdded 8 Nov 2006, ID #927
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding medals.

Unlock Bronze Ace:
Destroy 200 Enemies

Unlock Silver Ace:
Destroy 500 Enemies

Unlock Gold Ace:
Destroy 1000 Enemies

Unlock Freedom Tower:
Liberate Griswall

Unlock Eye of the Storm:
Defeat the Gleipnir

Unlock Mark of the Vioarr:
Defeat the Fefnir

Unlock Marksman:
Destroy 5 Aircraft with Guns

Unlock Sharpshooter:
Destroy 15 Aircraft with Guns

Unlock Expert Marksman:
Destroy 50 Aircraft with Guns

Unlock Sea Guardian:
At Terminus Island keep damage to the Allied fleet to a minimum

Unlock Land Guardian:
At Stand Canyon keep Allied casualties to a minimum
Unlockable Planes and StagesAdded 31 Oct 2006, ID #903
Stage complete is cumulative over ALL difficulities for SP stage requirement.

Unlock ADF-01 Falken:
Complete SP stage

Unlock Stage 03B 'Captive City':
Complete mission 05 or 06 before going to 04

Unlock Stage 07C 'Time Limit':
Complete mission 07 then 09 then 11 then 07C

Unlock Stage 12C 'Wild Card':
Complete mission 07 then 08 then 10 then 09 then 12C

Unlock SP Stage 'Operation X':
Complete ALL missions and mission branches

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