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406 tomsmiley18 3rd Sep 2006 86% Read Review

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Good Game

This game is fun. Especially when you pick the person up and throw them.

I like it when they explode when they hit a barrel and fly across the screen.

I usually laugh. TO get to the point there is 1 i didn't like which is the co-op mode.

One does the powers the other does the aiming and movement. I rate the game 9 out of 10

Have a Nice Day


No thumbs

Added 17 Dec 2004, ID #12091, by rsr2 and get
The game

PSI-Ops has everything you can imagine in it.

Telekinesis, ( the abitity to move objects with the mind.)

Remote Viewing, ( the ability to see area around you to plan an attack or get info that you couldnt get in your physical form.)

Mind Drain, (the ability to steal PSI energy from your enemy. )

Mind Control, ( the ability to control an enemy to do something by taking control of their mind. ) Pyrokineses, ( the ability to throw a wave or wall of fire. ) and Aura View ( the ability to see details that aren't visible in the real world. ).

This game is great so im not going to tell you anything else instead of reading this go ahead, buy the game or at least rent it you will not regret your decision!!!!


No thumbs

Added 18 Jun 2004, ID #9257, by spurfan101
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