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1133 Gears02 5th Jul 2009 76% Read Review
1189 Beta X 3rd Dec 2009 82% Read Review
1217 hatershateme 22nd Feb 2010 78% Read Review
1422 superbird5005 28th Jul 2012 72% Read Review
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Added 26 Feb 2010, ID #5529
Alex mercers hard as nails but can the same be said for the game?

When prototype starts to play it looks and feels like the old spiderman movie games although noticebly different it plays the same with a similar formula but it has flaws...

You can abuse the exp system without even knowing and sometime can never learn a skill, during my runthrough I got all upgrades but my unnatural evolution achievement didnt show or pop up.

Next theres the jumping problems if Alex jumps too high into the air he freezes for a horrible 13 minutes afterwhich the game crashes.

Also while using the disguise system the stupid thing is if you run up a wall or glide in front of a soldier they don't do jack but if you stay too close too them for long enough they alert the militairy.

The game has a well thought out plot, with plenty of twists and challenges to get your head round, once your finished the game you can do mini-games and find collectibles, the size of new york is amazing with Alex's speed you go round the whole city in a matter of minutes, there is never a limit in prototype, the web of intruge will keep anyone playing to find out about Alex and his foes past, the consume system is so wonderfully gory that it makes manhunt look like the smurfs.

Alex has plenty of powers at his disposal making him able to take down 12 tanks in 30 seconds even helicopters don't stand a chance, the most favoured power is armour and the blade arm able to cut through tanks in one hit.

Alex is the most badass anti-hero out there 8/10 and get
A must buy! Added 30 Jun 2009, ID #4671
The graphics in this game are very good, as you can see a lot of detail in the characters, also the gore has a lot of detail which makes the game really fun for people who like to slice and dice there way through there enemies. The only let down on the graphics for me is the detail in the explosions which isnt very good compared to other games. The Gameplay is very entertaining as you unlock more upgrades and abilities throughout the story. For the story itself it is very interesting and I didn't miss one cut scene. The lastability of the game is good as it took me around 20 hours to complete story on normal first time round, and I could do it again as once you have completed it first time round you can do it again with your powers, this game is the sort of game that you can pick up and play at any time as there are endless people to kill in the free roam. The only bad thing I could point out about this game is that I think they should have added online co-op, where you could have two Prototypes causing mase damage to the city of new york.
Overall 9/10 A game that everyone should have in there collection
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